high school boy sits behind a table on a stage
men and women standing next to each other with white and silver curtains behind them
Former student donates $100,000 Douglas Elementary
elementary age students stand in front of a Christmas tree holding socks
Santa Clause bending down to give candy canes to elementary children
three girls holding a blue ribbon and gingerbread house
four women and one man holding a giant check for $15,000
elementary age students and staff sitting in library wearing pajamas and holding Christmas presents
middle school students and their principal wearing Christmas pajamas holding presents in front of a house
students dressed as gingerbread men standing on sidewalk
woman wearing a purple and tan striped shirt wearing a white headband
African American family sitting behind black table with Tyler Lions written on tablecloth
Tyler Legacy High School table with football and jerseys on it
calendars laying on a table next to a pen. 2024-2025 calendars approved
Hispanic man with full beard and glasses wearing a red t-shirt with a student welding and sparks flying behind him
African American woman wearing black glasses and an orange blouse standing in front of a brick wall
Hispanic girl with long brown wearing a blue Columbia sweatshirt
young boy wearing black button down shirt standing in school courtyard
school board meeting
elementary age boys standing next to bikes in a school cafeteria