group of men and women smiling at the camera
elementary aged students sit in chairs and show the "I love you" sign
andrew accepting hall of fame plaque
two men and two women sit on a bench along the side of the football field
two young African American girls dressed in princess costumes
two women and a young girl wearing traditional Mexican dresses
group of adults stand in front of a Be the Change sign
two elementary age boys holding maracas and wearing sombreros stand next to a woman wearing a pink traditional Mexican dress
school board workshop
woman with long blonde hair wearing  a green blouse sits in front of a microphone
girl with long dark hair wearing graduation cap and gown stands next to African American man in tan suit
two women and two men stand beside each other in front of a school bus
group of high school students gathered together in the media center
two women stand with four elementary age children between them holding a Venezuela flag
group of students and adults standing behind boxes of donated shoes
The Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser
men holding the door open and shaking hands with students as they enter
Tyler High School JROTC Color Guard walks with flags and rifles in front of elderly men wearing red polo shirts with their hand over their heart
two elementary age boys lean over a table covered with red paper. They are using Sharpies to write their future profession on the paper
Exhibit of School Architecture 2022-23 Star of Distinction Awardee