School Board Meeting
male student sits with goggles on at a virtual reality simulator with male Army serviceman in camo fatigues  looking over his shoulder
female student wearing glasses sitting at a desk. outlines of other students sitting around her. all are facing toward a speaker in the front of the room
Dr. Marty Crawford in front of a microphone
School Board Workshop
Tyler Legacy High School
Jarrod Bitter, Amanda Hortman, Cody Borel, Sherri Taylor and Ron Jones
Early College High School senior Jesie Espinoza standing next to principal Amanda Hortman
Keren Ramirez  - Peete Elementary School - District Student of the Month
school board meeting
elementary age students dressed in unique clothing representative of Hispanic Heritage
Cancer Awareness. Woman with blonde hair wearing a gold shimmery jacket hugs female student wearing a gold jacket. they are holding a donation bucket in between them.
elementary school students standing with their hands over their hearts saying the Pledge of Allegiance
All Harris gymnasium dedication
Christus Trinity Clinic Tyler ISD Successful Student Outcomes
School Board Workshop
Tyler Legacy High School students holding banner that reads: safe sports school national athletic trainers' association 1st team. 2021-2024 NATA
Sandy Newton holding up TAEA award & three fingers
Hawaii Collier standing in front of book vending machine holding her new book
Suzette Farr