teacher sitting on ground with students in classroom
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two girls sit on floor reading a book
TOP Teacher Program
portable school building
group of high school students standing in front of a crowded room
elementary age students standing beside a firetruck and fireman
white woman with long blonde hair wearing a white blouse sits with microphone in front of her
group of men and women standing next to each other in a driveway with a crane behind them
girl and her parents sit behind a table where she is about to sign to play collegiate volleyball
four elementary age African American children wearing black t-shirts that say, "I am Black History"
TSPRA sign with lights and blue, silver and white balloons. woman standing next to it holding three certificates
high school girl with dark hair, pink shirt and blue jeans sits in a chair to donate blood
elementary age student wearing khaki pants and suspenders with a white button down shirt
two women standing next to each other in front of a screen with a slide that says, "Empowering Leaders at School and Home"
School Board Workshop
elementary school kids performing in a gymnasium
African American woman with long dark hair wearing a white blouse and blue cardigan sits in chair with microphone in front of her
high school students gathered around gymnasium
high school students standing on stage singing songs