three women stand shoulder to shoulder holding gift bags and certificates
woman with long blond hair, wearing a maroon shirt and black glasses sits behind a microphone
Tony Miller and Andy Bergfeld holding Hall of Fame plaques
middle school students sitting in parking lot with paints to decorate the sidewalk
two women sitting on the floor creating art projects
decorated pumpkins sitting on a table
two elementary age girls stand next to a Caucasian man
group of adults stand in front of the school board meeting room
women walk by tables full of information as they pick up pamphlets and samples
Billy Hibbs Jr. stands behind a podium in front of windows in a library
Caucasian female teacher stands behind two male elementary age boys as they look at their computers
middle school age male wearing a white polo shirt smiles at the camera
elementary age male wearing white tshirt with blue sleeves stands in front of campus building
elementary aged students stand with a UT Health EMS ambulance behind them
school board meeting
man wearing maroon polo shirt sits in front of a microphone
high school students dressed in traditional Hispanic shirts, dresses, skirts
high school students wearing traditional Hispanic skirts dancing in a gym
elementary aged girls wearing bright colored skirts and white shirts dancing
group of men and women smiling at the camera