elementary age students waving red pom poms in the air
football players sit behind elementary students on the floor in the library
elderly woman sits on couch reading a book to children sitting on the floor
two women wearing purple tie-dyed shirts sit at a table
African American teen boy, Caucasian teen boy and Caucasian man stand next to each other
group of teachers and administrators stand with a student holding a balloon
man and five women, all wearing orange t-shirts, standing in a conference room holding smoothies
School Board Workshop
Caucasian woman stands in front of ETX giant letters. two black totes of school supplies on the floor in front of her
Caucasian man wearing a light blue/green plaid shirt
group of people holding welcome signs. Two are dressed as crayons, one green and one blue
group of people standing at the 50 yard line
school board meeting
two men and two women standing in front of pallets of water
Caucasian man wearing a white button down shirt sits behind a microphone
two women with dark hair standing next to each other
men standing behind African American football player for signing day
Hooray 1st Day. Welcome Back. yard sign
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