African American woman standing in a hallway wearing a red sweatshirt that says, "Every day is a gift"
African American high school boy wearing a white t-shirt smiles at the camera
elementary age girl with long blonde hair wearing glasses smiles at the camera
elementary age students look at books on a table in the library
dancers wearing orange and red dresses perform on stage
February is black History Month. Know the past, shape the future.
School board meeting
group photo of students who were awarded
students holding checks from UT Tyler
East Texas Symphony Orchestra performing on stage
children performing on a stage, a girl wearing glasses sitting behind a desk, a high school student wearing their graduation cap and gown and a teacher helping a student at a desk
preschool aged children sitting on a bright colored rug raising their hands
women standing in a group wearing bright colored tshirts and boas
Caucasian woman with dark hair wearing a purple shirt with microphone in front of her
preschool age children dance on the stage
Tyler High football helmet on a table with a blue tablecloth
high school age boys standing next to each other behind a table with a sign that says Tyler Legacy High School
School Board Workshop
Michelle Gandy
Tyler High Baseball Team Surprised with $10k Donation