woman with long blond hair wearing a blue blouse sits behind a microphone
School Board Meeting
caucasian man wearing plaid shirt, blue tie and jacket. African American woman with long hair wearing a green top and black jacket
school board workshop
teen boy wearing white button down shirt standing next to tv screen with blood and cell diagram
Caucasian woman with long brown hair wearing a tie-dye t-shirt
children playing in a giant ball pit
three Hispanic boys sitting in gaming chairs
Caucasian woman with brown hair and glasses wearing a black blouse
African American woman wearing a blue and white striped blouse standing in a classroom with students
Hispanic teen girl wearing black hoodie
elementary age Hispanic girl wearing maroon sweatshirt and navy pants
African American girl sitting at a table
elementary age kids dressed up as bees
teen boy and his parents standing behind a red table with soccer trophies on it
school board meeting
National Technical Honor Society
two women and two men standing on stage
owl, lion, red raider logos
two teen boys shake hands over a chess board