School Board Workshop
elementary age kids looking into a bug house
Caucasian man, woman and their three children
Peete Elementary 5th grade graduation
elementary age students look through a glass window at high school students work in culinary kitchen
Andy Warhol eating a hamburger
man wearing black polo shirt with white brick wall behind him
men and women stand in front of a big screen that says, "2022-2023 Business Partner of the Year" Southside Bank
celebration in front of elementary school
Caucasian man, African American high school girl and Caucasian man stand next to each other holding a giant check for $1,000
school board meeting
back of the heads of high school graduates in their black cap and gowns with gold stoles on
students standing on a stage holding certificates in front of themselves
three women and 10 boys (wearing caps and gown) standing together in a group
elementary age boys and girls wearing red Rice Choir tshirts
students sit across from each other at a table playing chess
middle school girl with long brown hair wearing a navy jacket
elementary age girl with brown shoulder length hair wearing a maroon shirt and denim jacket
owl, lion, raider mascots
2023 Best Communities for Music Education