For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Peete Elementary's, Cassandra Chapa. Here’s what the Wildcats have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “Mrs. Chapa gives Peete foundation of strong leadership. She encourages every member of our school to be the best we can be! Mrs. Chapa's excitement for student's success is contagious.” • “Our mornings are led by the compass of those heels....Tak tak tak, model. Tak tak tak, support. Tak tak tak, engage. Let's have a great day!” • “A clear voice, a precise way to communicate both to the group and to individuals. Always positive, always focused, always valuing others point of view.” • “I appreciate the light Chapa brings to our campus. She's a ray of sunshine who doesn't mind jumping in any role on our campus. Mrs. Chapa is a phenomenal leader who brings the greatness out of all of us! Us Wildcats truly love her.”
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portrait of Cassandra Chapa, Principal of Peete Elementary
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Boulter Middle School's, Vanessa Holmes. Here’s what the Vikings have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "Mrs. Holmes is an intelligent leader. She can find the smallest detail to fix the system." • "She always makes people the priority. It makes us feel valued." • "Down to earth and very supportive; she listens to her staff and does her best to provide what’s needed to succeed." • "She keeps the main thing the main thing!" • "I enjoy working with Mrs. Holmes. She always encourages collaboration and effectively delegates to accomplish the campus goals." • "She is a woman of grace and believes in giving everyone an opportunity and supports to win." • "She is direct, yet respectful. She has a way of telling you like it is without making you feel devalued."
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photo of Vanessa Holmes
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Bonner Elementary's, Stephanie Burns. Here’s what the Bees have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "Mrs. Burns has an infectious attitude that inspires those around her. From her corny jokes of the day on announcements to her well-known love of Baby Yoda and Wonder Woman, she always brings a smile to our staff and students. She is an open book about everything, and honesty helps build strong relationships on campus." • "When you have a rough day, all it takes is a just a second with Mrs. Burns to remind you that you are not alone and we are a team that can get through anything. She takes her responsibility as Principal as serious as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and for that we are thankful! " • "She has not forgotten what it means to be in the classroom. - Her door is always open - She is a strong confident woman - She is always thinking about what is best for her teachers and students - She is supportive and open to new ideas - She finds ways to make connections with people and help them - She loves Star Trek and Marvel" • "Mrs. Burns is great about being open with communication. She makes it a point to be personable with each one of us. It makes the world of difference!"
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selfie of Stephanie Burns
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Birdwell Dual Language's, Bethany Moody. Here’s what they have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “Thank you Miss Moody for all the things you did to Birdwell, You are the heart of Birdwell." • “Thank you for being the Best Principal and you are so sweet and I love you and you keep use safe Miss Moody." • “Miss Moody always shown sincere interest and care of us as faculty members and our family, this grants her not only the principal title but making her our family member.” • “Miss Moody listens and takes every concern seriously. She is supportive and understanding of her students and staff” • “ For ALWAYS following what it is RIGHTEOUS we HONOR you."
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selfie of Bethany Moody
The time is NOW to #VOTE Check the resources below to prepare you to cast your vote: • Be an Informed Voter ( • Vote Early ( • Voter ID Requirements ( More info:
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For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Austin Elementary's, Josh Currie. Here’s what the Lobos have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “We are excited to have Mr. Currie as our leader. He starts the day with lots of energy and is always ready for the challenge. Some of the things that we appreciate about him are: He is very energetic always moving about the campus. He is down to earth and his door is always open for us to come to talk to him. He is goal-driven." • “We began the year talking about our goals and each week he reminds us of our target. He is caring and concerned about his staff and the students. He tries to make sure that we have what we need to meet the needs of the students." • “ He is very understanding. I appreciate that he takes the time to listen." • “He is a very positive person; He looks for the bright side of things. We started the positive office referrals this year and it has made a difference in some of my students." • “ He is very thoughtful and considerate of his staff. Mr. Currie is a servant Leader. He has already shown us that he is willing to work with us to ensure that we are successful."
7 days ago, Tyler ISD
selfie of Josh Currie
Tyler ISD's own José Salas Gamboa at @dixietylerisd represents his country of Costa Rica! #HispanicHeritageMonth • Flag: 🇨🇷 • Population: 5.022 million • Language: Spanish and Patwa (English creole) • Food: Gallo pinto, Caribbean rice, and beans, plantain • Sport: Futbol
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José Salas Gamboa holding his flag of Costa Rica
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Hogg Middle School's, Dr. Kristen Walls. Here’s what the Razorbacks have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "I appreciate Dr. Walls for truly allowing for a collaborative environment. She lets her admins take the lead in certain aspect on the campus, and we feel greatly supported by Dr. Walls." • "I am delighted to speak about our Hogg Middle School principal, Dr. Kristen Walls. We, the staff and students of Razorback Nation appreciate Dr. Walls and we are so thankful to have her as our campus leader. She is loving, caring, and genuinely compassionate to the students and staff. While she has experienced so much in her life, she has remained vigilant in her fight to make Hogg Middle School a better and more successful school. Although we are TISD’s smallest middle school, it doesn’t change the fact that we are the BEST." • "Dr. Walls—we love you and salute you for all of the great things you’re doing to make Hogg the great campus we know it is meant to be." • "Dr. Walls is one of the best principals I have ever worked with. She’s always ready to jump in and help her staff with whatever they need. She’s constantly on the move and in classrooms in order to make sure every teacher and every student have what they need to be successful." • "I appreciate that Dr. Walls is really invested in improving Hogg and taking our school to new levels. She is really invested in the student's future and is open to new ideas. I believe that she is a great leader and is willing to collaborate with her staff. I like her positive incentives like a flex day. I believe that we are on the correct path and she is leading us in the correct direction. You can tell that the culture of our school is starting to shift." • "Dr. Walls is always dependable, consistent, and proactive. She has gone above and beyond as a leader for Hogg, and everything about our campus has improved: morale is up, students are succeeding, and teachers feel valued. Someone who can do all of this in the midst of one of the most challenging years we’ve ever had, is a true leader."
8 days ago, Tyler ISD
photo of Dr. Walls holding  kangaroo
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Jones Elementary's, Natasha Crain. Here’s what the Jaguars have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "We love Ms. Crain’s determination and ‘never give- up’ attitude." • "Ms. Crain believes in our students and our staff. She is one amazing principal! We are so thankful for her hard work and dedication."
9 days ago, Tyler ISD
selfie of Natasha Crain
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Tyler Legacy's, Dr. Dan Crawford. Here’s what the Red Raiders have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "Always puts kids first. ALL kids. Maybe because he is still a kid at heart?" • "He is very PASSIONATE about his school, his teachers, and his students." • "He absolutely loves life!" • "Social Media KING!!" • “Dr. C genuinely enjoys being around teaches and students. This is evident in his attitude and interactions.” • “He is very progressive, highly motivated and highly involved in all aspects of the campus including athletics and academics.” • “Dan is passionate about students and invested in their lives as well as future success.” • "Dr. C constantly works to ensure that every student is having the best time they can on campus, even when in the classroom. He devotes himself to a welcoming environment where all students feel valued--not only for their knowledge and talent, but also simply for who they are. Thank you Dr. C for your dedication to the betterment of your students. We appreciate you so much!
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selfie of Dr. Dan Crawford
Tyler ISD will require Learn@Home students return to school as soon as possible, or at the latest by Monday, November 2, 2020. More info:
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update alert
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Early College High School's, DelSenna Frazier. Here’s what the Owls have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “Ms. Frazier is a wonderful principal who is very devoted to Early College and wants the very best for the school and students who attend here. She goes out of her way to ensure the students are well taking care of and all their needs are met. I appreciate her for the honesty and professionalism she displays. I am glad to be a part of her team at ECHS." • "Ms. Frazier is a very hard worker and just very caring about all the people she oversees at ECHS. I feel we are privilege to have such a lady with distinction leading the Early College to new heights. • "She is always on her game! She loves her students and staff! She goes the “extra mile for us!” She always thinking ahead how can we make this better. She is an awesome principal!"
11 days ago, Tyler ISD
photo of DelSenna Frazier
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Griffin Elementary's, Steven Ladd. Here’s what the Bulldogs have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “I appreciate Mr. Ladd doing great things for Griffin. For example, when he put the different committees in place, all of us teachers and administrators were working together to make Griffin the best school.” • “I love the way Mr. Ladd treats the students with a lot of respect and he also becomes relatable with them. With his staff he has an open-door policy and as staff this is important to feel the support of your boss. I'm fortunate to work with Mr. Ladd.” • “Mr. Ladd is the best principal!” • “His willingness to listen and to work with me.”
12 days ago, Tyler ISD
photo of Steven Ladd
We’re thrilled to announce Tyler ISD’s new app! It’s everything Tyler ISD, in your pocket. Download the app on 🤖 Android: 🍎 iPhone: #WeAreTylerISD 🏛 | #A2D
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For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Rise Academy's, Dexter Floyd. Here’s what the Phoenix have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "Our school most appreciates our principal’s laid-back personality." • "Our school most appreciates our principal’s support of staff and students." • " Our school most appreciates our principal commitment to our success."
13 days ago, Tyler ISD
selfie of Dexter Floyd
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Clarkston Elementary's, Tara Hinton. Here’s what the Cougars have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • “I am thankful for our principal, Tara Hinton. She models strong leadership and promotes teamwork with a kind and caring spirit. She gives us words of encouragement every day!” • “I appreciate Mrs. Hinton’s no nonsense attitude and her kind heart.” • “Tara strives to build teacher capacity and leadership skills.” • “I appreciate Mrs. Hinton for so many reasons. One of the reasons I appreciate her is because she is approachable and always willing to listen.” • “Mrs. Hinton never ceases to give the staff words of encouragement every day! She sets high expectations for staff and students and constantly pushes for us to grow as leaders. Tara is #AllIn and demonstrates the qualities of being #CougarStrong every day!”
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selfie of Tara Hinton
Need FAFSA and/or TASFA application assistance? Log in to Zoom from 5pm-8pm on the following dates for virtual guidance. $ For College Dates: 10/8 10/19 11/5 11/16 12/3 For details contact your school counselor or with @CityofTyler
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Need help applying for FAFSA & TAFSA
Today is World Teachers' Day which provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide. If you have/had a teacher you would like to thank, be sure to do so today! #WeAreTylerISD 🏛 | #A2D
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World Teacher's Day
Tyler ISD's own Ashlene Lebron at @tylerhighlions represents her country of Puerto Rico! #HispanicHeritageMonth • Flag: 🇵🇷 • Population: 3.7 million • Language: Spanish & English • Food: Arroz con gandules, lechón y pasteles • Sport: Baseball
15 days ago, Tyler ISD
portrait of Ashlene Lebron
For National Principals Month, today’s spotlight is Dixie Elementary's, Kim Simmons. Here’s what the Dragons have to say about their principal. 🤗 #ThankAPrincipal • "Our school appreciates our principal, Mrs. Simmons because she has compassion for each student she encounters." • "She is very ambitious about her role as our new principal." • "Mrs. Simmons is appreciated by the staff for her hands-on approach with the students and their parents as well as the community." • "She is always encouraging and she shows up each morning with a positive attitude."
15 days ago, Tyler ISD
selfie of Kim Simmons