Kinder Class of 2034

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Your child will love coming to school to learn about math, science, reading, writing, art, music, and physical education! Your child will also have the opportunity to create life-long friendships with their peers! Join us in supporting your child's love for learning by enrolling in Tyler ISD!

Tyler ISD offers full day kindergarten for children who will be five years old on or before September 1 of the current year. Kindergarten expands the social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills typical of preschool. Academic content is integrated within a developmentally appropriate framework that guides children in becoming intentional, self-directed learners who are ready for first grade.  

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Benefits of kindergarten

5 ways you can help prepare your child for kindergarten

How can I help my child be more independent? red, green and blue background on notebook paper

Why is reading to my child important?

female teacher and two students at a table. female student working on paper with expo markers. bright colors in clothing and markers on table

male student sitting at a table, as seen from his profile view.  Female teacher across  from him with a smile on her face. Worksheet on the table between them.

kindergarten age male student, hair spiked up, wearing a green shirt and sitting at a desk