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"Mrs. A" - Lori. S. Arteaga, MTS/Librarian



MEd: Educational Technology & Library Science

"Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are."

Walt Disney


The mission of the Griffin Elementary Library Media Center is to incorporate the elements of a future-ready library that encourages and supports 21st Century Skills that connects knowledge and learning to the world around them.

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In the A.W. Ray Library Media Center, we create and foster an environment of inquiry, innovation and discovery. We do this by promoting a strong focus on meeting the literacy needs for all levels of readers, library lessons on how to independently and successfully access information and through collaborations with the campus instructional staff.

Library Media Center Focus

Headstart, PreK/K - "Welcome to the Library" (Weekly Storytime and Interactive/Responsive Play)

1st - "What is a Library?" (Library Organization: How to Take Care Of, Check-in/Check-out Books)

2nd - "Using the Library" (Selecting Books: Genres and Interests)

3rd/4th - "Accessing Information" (Online Searching: Destiny Quest)

5th - "Accessing, Processing and Securing Information" (Online Digital Search Engines, Information Authenticity and Protection)


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