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CrisisGo’s Safe2SpeakUP App for Students

When students feel safe to speak up, they can unite against bullying!

Pressure to achieve good grades. Busy schedules filled with after-school activities. School is a source of stress for many students. It can become even more challenging when students feel unsafe in their school buildings due to bullying or lack of safety resources in the event of an emergency. Sometimes students do not speak up when it comes to bullying, because they believe if someone knows they did, the problem will become worse.

CrisisGo understands these concerns and has developed the only mobile emergency response system that provides a student-safe app, Safe2SpeakUP. This app is an anonymous way for students to easily and comfortably communicate with safety teams, counselors, or other specific people based on report type.

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Tyler ISD has always put student safety first, and to build on that foundation, we now provide our students access to a specialized student safety app, Safe2SpeakUP, which is the student counterpart of our current school safety app, CrisisGo.

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Let Us Introduce You to Safe2SpeakUP

Allowing students to have access to Safe2SpeakUP means that they are able to play an active role in their personal safety and the safety of their classmates.

Safe2SpeakUP is a COPPA-compliant companion app to CrisisGo for users ages 18 and under. It allows students to anonymously report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends.

Additionally, students can submit safety tips to their school’s safety team for issues like drugs or weapons on campus. Safe2SpeakUP users can communicate with the school officials that oversee bully-related incidents, as well as participate in message groups that their school districts have granted them permission to access.

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Who Can Use the App?

Students Ages 18 and Under

The Safe2SpeakUP app is the student companion to CrisisGo's safety app that allows students ages 18 and under to play a part in school safety. Using Safe2SpeakUP, students can report bully-related activity for themselves or their friends, submit safety tips about incidents at schools, and access safety resources during the event of an emergency.

Once they obtain permission from their school districts, they can message within groups or with their school's safety team in charge of bullying. All activities are recorded for reporting purposes, and when selected, anonymity is ALWAYS preserved.  

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Where Can Students Get the App?

Simple Download

Students interested in the Safe2SpeakUP can simply download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Student accounts for the app are created through the school’s implementation process, and the school’s administration will be able to provide them with a username and password. Once they log in, they will automatically have access to the tips and groups available.

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Download on the app store

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How Can Students Use The App?

Students can use the Safe2SpeakUP app for:

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Anonymous Reporting

  • Report bullying and bully-related activity.

  • Submit safety tips about incidents, threats, and concerning behaviors.

  • Disclose those at risk for suicide.

  • Report safety issues with multi-media reporting options.

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Two-Way Communication

  • Communicate with the school safety team during an incident.

  • Learn about safety risks and solutions.

  • Respond to safety check-in prompts sent by school administrators.

  • Activate a digital panic button and drop a GPS pin of their location during emergencies.

  • Access safety resources during an emergency event.


We are excited to empower our students with the technology that can help make them safer and provide the safest learning environment possible.