We believe that students learn best when the curriculum is presented in innovative and engaging ways that are personalized to student needs and interests. Our entire campus strives to support the highest standard in academic performance in addition to excellence in the arts.

Students have the opportunity to pursue academic excellence through:

Small Class Sizes

Research-Based Innovations

College Prep Classes

Field Experiences

Big art day

Research Based Art Integration Curriculum

So what is art integration? It is an instructional strategy that allows students to simultaneously build understanding in an art form (dance, drama, music, visual, and digital arts) and core content (math, science, reading, social studies) within a lesson. Students are exposed to more artistic forms and how they can use that art to demonstrate mastery of the content being taught.

This instructional strategy is a research-based approach that has proven results over the past 30 years. The results are astounding for schools that commit to using arts integration with integrity.

Schools that intentionally use arts integration find student achievement
rises by 10% OR MORE across the board.

Arts integration is a unique teaching strategy that our school loves to utilize throughout the year to engage creativity, depth of new content, and just fun.

No longer can we say that creativity, innovation, and meaningful learning cannot exist in schools today.

Instead, schools must be brave enough to look beyond traditional approaches (which yield very little result) for approaches like Arts Integration and STEAM that have a proven track record of working.

Here's Why

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Student Buy-In

Students become active participants in their learning when the arts are intentionally integrated.

This in turn, provides an opportunity for students to own the learning and have a vested interest in their own success.

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Critical Thinking Skills

They develop the skills to work through problem-solving and to innovate new solutions.

This builds grit and perseverance capacities in all learners.

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Empowerment of Teachers and Students

Instructors become facilitators of creative learning and are empowered in their own professional growth.

Teachers feel fulfilled and able to provide a hands-on learning environment for their students.

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Provides Connective Learning

Arts integration builds greater understanding across disciplines, supporting authentic experiences that engage and motivate learners.

This practice provides multiple modes of learning and understanding, while also fostering imagination, creativity and personal interpretation of ideas and topics.

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We're proud to use Kennedy Center's learning platform that allows our staff to authentically integrate the Arts into our core curriculum.

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We Strive for Academic Excellence

Caldwell students are top-performing students in core academic subjects and the results show it.

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TEA Rating

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Distinctions Earned

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National Recognitions

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2021 Arts School Network Arts Integration School Award

Tyler ISD’s Caldwell Arts Academy is one of only two nationwide schools to receive the Arts Schools Network Arts Integration Award.

The award is presented to schools that showcase leadership in bringing art integration strategies into the classroom curriculum.

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N2 Learning's Transformational School Award

Caldwell Arts Academy is one of only four elite campuses named "2022 Schools Transforming Learning" by the N2 Learning Principals' Institute (PI).

We were recognized for making exceptional strides on our journey to provide innovative learning opportunities for all students.

The Student Experience

Our students not only receive more time in the arts but our schedules allow more opportunities to do enrichment activities without disrupting core teaching time.

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Field Experiences

Our school commits to more field experiences for our students in art and core content than your average campus to ensure our students see real-world applications and connections.

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Literacy Program

Our student literacy program shows that we have the highest circulation of library books, as reading is a large part of the Caldwell Library experience.

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We offer a wide range of opportunities to perform for large audiences and allow our students to learn confidence in front of the public and skills to be an audience member and respect those in front of them.

See what makes our school special.

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We would love to have you here at Caldwell Arts Academy.

If you like our academics, see what else makes us so special.