African American woman wearing white shirt with red jacket over it standing in classroom with students at their desks in the background

Congratulations to our January District Teacher of the Month, Ms. Hope Chandler, 4th grade math teacher at Peete Elementary School.

Ms. Chandler has a positive disposition that is contagious around the campus. She serves as the 4th grade team leader as well as the campus Leader in Me (LIM) Lighthouse Coordinator. 

 She creates weekly newsletters to encourage all staff to implement LIM techniques throughout their daily lives as well as within the school community.  She also serves on the CPOC and OHI committee to assist with monitoring our campus goals.

She goes above and beyond her call of duty each day for the best interest of all students and staff.  Her students LOVE attending her class! There are no limits to what she does in her classroom to make learning engaging for students—she dresses up, celebrates student success, and any student is welcome to stop by her classroom.