middle school students sitting in parking lot with paints to decorate the sidewalk

Each year thousands of educators worldwide participate in "Rock Your School," impacting millions of students. Three Lakes Middle School Principal Rachel Sherman made sure her campus participated in a BIG way. Her highly creative staff transformed their classrooms into learning experiences. "There are many examples of our teachers' time and effort into these imaginary spaces," said Sherman, dressed in her own '80s rock attire.

Several classrooms got their "glow on" by making lights-out learning spaces for their students to master Math, English, History, and more!   There were academic "boxing matches," speedways, and a dinner party where Dr. Frankenstein offered a dare to any student willing to pull up an empty chair!

Rock and Roll music played, and decorations adorned hallways and doorways. The courtyard became an outdoor canvas for groups of budding artists to chalk a masterpiece to mark the fantastic day they soon won't forget.

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