elementary aged students stand with a UT Health EMS ambulance behind them

T.J. Austin Elementary welcomed local professionals and their vehicles to campus for their first ever Career on Wheels Day! The idea behind this event is to bring together different careers and community heroes to explain to the students how their vehicle helps them complete their job. Students from pre-k through 5th grade got to rotate through each organization and get an up-close look into vehicles that they frequently see around town.

Ms. Kacy Aycock, T.J. Austin Counselor, organized this event and was able to bring in several local organizations to educate the students. These organizations included Crow Towing, UT Health EMS, Tyler ISD Police and K9 Unit, Tyler Fire Department, and the KLTV Storm Tracking Meteorologists. 

“This is my first event to organize at T.J. Austin and I am very thankful for the community volunteers that helped make this possible for the students," said Ms. Aycock. The kids were very excited to see all the vehicles and they asked lots of great questions! I think this was a great success.” 

Each organization was given about ten minutes to educate each group of students and answer any questions, explain what their vehicle is used for, and let the students explore the vehicle themselves. The Lobos were able to walk through the vehicles and get to see what happens inside! Lights were flashing, sirens were blaring, and the vehicles were coming to life in front of the students. 

 “My favorite part of today was getting to see the ambulance and the stretcher it carries inside," Lobo student, Ian, said. "I know that the ambulance is used to help people when they are hurt, and it was really cool to see what it actually looks like inside.”

KLTV Meteorologist said of Career on Wheels Day, “I think that all of the students really enjoyed it. I know I did. I enjoyed getting to meet the students and providing them with this experience to learn about how we collect reports on the weather.”


Career on Wheels day was a hit with all of the students and staff. Austin Elementary looks forward to having local professionals and their vehicles back next year! Thank you, community members!