4x TAEA District of Distinction Award Winner

Tyler ISD has received a 2022 District of Distinction Award from the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA). This is the fourth year in a row that Tyler ISD has been recognized with this honor for providing a well-rounded education that advocates and integrates visual arts curriculum to inspire creativity in learners.                                         

“It is a thrill and honor to be granted the TAEA District of Distinction Award for the fourth year in a row,” Tyler ISD Director of Fine Arts Lainie O’Connell said. “The tireless efforts of my predecessor, Sandy Newton, Fine Arts Administrative Assistant Christin Blake, and all our amazing teachers and students contributed to building a strong visual arts program to meet the criteria needed for the designation.”

This distinction is awarded when a visual arts program meets or exceeds the rigorous 14-point rubric. The rubric examines a district’s visual art program, from participation in TAEA through membership, exhibitions, and contests to community engagement in the visual arts through field experiences, community service, and collaboration with other content areas. 

“Student engagement and participation at all levels is largely due to the talented, dedicated teachers of Tyler ISD,” O’Connell said. “Their supportive and collaborative spirit provides the opportunities for our students and district to receive this type of continued recognition and success.”

For the 2022 award, more than 1,200 districts were eligible to apply, and only fifty-nine districts received this outstanding honor. The TAEA Administration and Supervision Division recognize districts with exceptional leadership in promoting the arts in their district and community. Districts actively participating in TAEA and beyond TAEA-sponsored events are recognized.

For more information, contact Jennifer Hines at Jennifer.Hines@TylerISD.org.