variety of snack boxes on a table - granola bars, gummies, honey buns, cereal bars

Green Acres Baptist Church Missions and Women's Ministries spent the summer collecting much needed items for our schools. Cases of toiletries including shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant will be provided to our campus nursing staff to hand out throughout the school year. 

Snacks with substance were also generously donated for students during long days between meals or passed out on Friday's on the way home for the weekend. Campus specific requests were also filled with donations of socks and ties for Boys to Men groups.

Green Acres Baptist Church is part of Tyler ISD's partner of the year group, Churching Serving Schools. Members support our campuses throughout the year with collections like this one and we are so appreciative of their support! 

L to R: Green Acres Baptist Church members Jason Humphrey, Samuel Sadler, Stacie Tandy and Taylor Gibson, Tyler ISD Director of Health Services Rachel Barber, Employee Management Specialist Jessica Gurrusquieta, and Executive Director of HR Sheri Barberee- Taylor.