table with blue tablecloth on it. fur felts and fake fish lay on the table with a replica of a log cabin

What would it be like to attend school and meet the King of England in the 1700s?

Ms. Constante’s 8th-grade social studies class found out during a “Silent Museum Scavenger Hunt” at Three Lakes Middle School.

Students were excited to participate in this creative class setting to review the Colonial Regions uniquely.

When the students walked into the library, they were transformed into the “1788 setting” and divided into groups. Silently rotating through four areas of the “museum.” The areas included the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies, plus Anchor Chart Alley. Each location had interesting charts, paper information, tangible items, and “artifacts” they could personally examine. The artifacts related to the political, economic, geographic, and social characteristics (PEGS) for each area of information they would test over.

When everyone returned to the classroom to debrief, students were elated to find a reward for the group with the most correct answers. “I was hoping the competitive edge would encourage my usual nonparticipants to read through the information and play along,” Ms. Constante said.