Hogg Middle School

With the passing of Bond 2022, Tyler ISD will move to a four-quadrant middle school concept. This move triggers a Hogg Middle School closure before the 2022–2023 school year. As mentioned during the 70+ bond community meetings held across the city, Tyler ISD is committed to preserving and maintaining the integrity of the 92-year-old building. The Hogg facility will be used for administrative offices and community and student extracurricular activities in the future.

“We’re appreciative of voters giving us the opportunity to move forward with a more efficient middle school concept for our students, teachers, and staff,” Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said. “Making the move this summer will help the district accomplish budgetary goals of lowering its tax rates while still providing raises for teachers and staff. It will also allow us to prepare the Hogg facility for administrative and other uses. Most importantly, it will not prolong a disruption in school assignments for incoming 6th graders and current 7th graders once we can get into a new Hubbard facility.”

Since the Hogg building and school site are only one-third of the size needed for a new middle school and do not have room for comparable outdoor facilities to other Tyler ISD middle schools, the campus was not included in Bond 2022. The optimal efficiency for a Tyler ISD middle school is enrollment of at least 1200 students. Enrollment at Hogg continues to trend downward, with just 270 students currently enrolled.

“The students zoned to or currently attending Hogg go through their elementary years with peers who already attend Hubbard, Moore, Boulter, and Three Lakes,” Crawford said. “We’re excited to keep many of our students together from grades K-8 and most together from K-12. We look forward to the consistency and access to quality instruction, programming, and classrooms our new middle schools and our teachers will provide the students of Tyler ISD for many years to come.”

Middle school attendance zones will be redrawn, and current Hogg students will be zoned to Hubbard, Moore, Three Lakes, and Boulter middle schools. Boulter and Moore students will feed into Tyler High School. Hubbard and Three Lakes students will feed into Tyler Legacy High School.

Current and incoming students will be contacted with more information on which campus they will attend for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please contact John Johnson in Constituent Services at 903-262-3145. 

For more information, contact Jennifer Hines at Jennifer.Hines@TylerISD.org.