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In this special episode of the Talks with Tyler ISD podcast, host Jennifer Hines sits down with Tyler ISD Foundation Executive Director Suzette Farr to talk about the purpose of the Foundation.

“The foundation is truly here to inspire, enrich, and enhance what’s going on inside those classrooms for teachers and students,” Farr said. “We are truly the district’s biggest cheerleaders, biggest advocates, and we know that there are so many more out there that would love to join us in that mission, and we invite them to do so.”

The work of the Foundation is to seek funds to grant those funds in meaningful and impactful ways within Tyler ISD. Grants for Great Ideas are awarded to educators for innovative ideas that support student achievement and classroom enrichment. They can be awarded to the district, a campus, or an individual or team of educators.

“It is truly great for us to be able to come in as the Foundation and be able to supplement, and be able to pour into those innovative, outside the box, really creative things, that stretch a little bit beyond the district’s funds for that year,” said Farr. “That’s what we’re there for. And truly, that’s what really encourages us to keep going and go out to our community and get them involved.”

There are many ways that the Tyler ISD Foundation impacts the school district in addition to grants for teaching ideas. Student scholarships and the ways families and community members can get involved are some of the other topics discussed in this episode.

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