santa statue in a hallway lined with wrapped Christmas presents

The annual Trane Christmas Party at Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs is a long-running event that dozens of students and parents look forward to each year.  On Friday, December 10, it was no exception.  Presents lined the hallway with every student’s name on a bag that Santa personally gave to each student as they sat next to him.  A personal photograph captures this magical day for each student.

Trane has hosted this party for many years.  Each Boshears student submits a wish list, and the employees of Trane, along with Santa and his elves, host a party on campus. The event began with Carrier, and when Carrier closed, Trane took over.  It started by connecting one of Boshear’s staff members who still works there today, Barbara Stokes.  There are about 60 students that participate.