staff from Clarkston and Tyler ISD administrators stand with Letrice Minor, District teacher of the  month, holding her certificate and plaque

Congratulations to our District Teacher of Month, Letrice Minor, elementary science/social studies teacher from Clarkston Elementary School.

Ms. Minor has made it her mission this year to make sure all teachers feel welcomed and supported at Clarkston. She shares lesson ideas, she observes teachers to give helpful feedback, and she is always around as a shoulder to lean on. Ms. Minor has a incredible capacity to build great relationships with the students. She checks in with so many students daily who just need to hear that she cares and wants them to have the best day. 

To top it all off, Ms. Minor is a phenomenal educator. She puts so much time and preparation into her lessons to provide students with experiments and experiences so they can make deep connections to the content! The campus is blessed to have Ms. Minor as a Clarkston Cougar.