elementary age students in classroom wearing glow necklaces

Students at Owens Elementary school experienced a unique and fun day on Thursday, October 21, during their 'Rock Your School' event. This year students got their "glow on" wearing elaborate lighted necklaces and bracelets while participating in classroom activities.  "Our school was excited to take part in the National Rock Your School Day event," said Principal Rachel Sherman. "It is an event that forces us as educators to get outside of our comfort zones and go all out for our students. We focused on student engagement and providing an out-of-the-ordinary educational experience for our eagles!"

Students in second-grade math participated in Black Out Glow Up. They used detective skills using black lights, individual finger lights, and teamwork to gather clues to break secret math codes and solve problems.

Fourth graders experienced Fear Factor classrooms.  As a challenge, students would reach into a mystery box then describe and infer what they were touching to apply the mystery items to their reading, writing, math, and science. Students loved rotating classrooms to experience the fifth-grade class Fall carnival: several creative areas allowed for hands-on activities.  Children enjoyed making scarecrows, slime, and spooktacular sugar skulls.

One of the most memorable moments occurred in PE class. A unique guest performer made it thrilling, taking students back to the '80s with the song Thriller.

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