Hawaii Collier standing in front of book vending machine holding her new book

A new kind of vending machine has popped up on the Dixie Elementary School campus, but you won't find snacks or beverages inside. This vending machine dispenses something that every kid wants: a free book! And that's just what third-grader Hawaii Collier got when she earned an Inchy token by volunteering to help a fellow student around campus.

“I was happy when I got the book because I really wanted the book ‘Hair Love,’” said Hawaii. This new friend Inchy, the Bookworm Vending Machine, is on campus to promote literacy and encourage positive behavior in students.

“Hawaii earned the first Inchy token for being a leader on campus. She took the initiative to help a new student on their first day in class and around campus without being prompted to do so,” said Principal Kimberly Simmons. “As a Leader in Me campus, being kind to others and being a helper is what we want to see from our dragons!”

Inchy, the Bookworm Vending Machine, has been at Dixie for about two weeks now, and it's already had a positive impact. The vending machine contains Scholastic books with various titles that appeal to all cultures, ages, and backgrounds that are written in Spanish and English. Inchy can hold approximately 21 different books at a time, with 12 copies of each title.

“I helped the new girl in class,” said Hawaii. “I helped her because I wanted her to have a friend.”

The Inchy Bookworm Vending Machine program is made possible through a Tyler ISD Foundation Grants for Great Ideas award submitted by Principal Kimberly Simmons. The Tyler ISD Foundation Grants for Great Ideas are awarded to educators for innovative ideas that support student achievement and classroom enrichment. They can be awarded to the district, a campus, or an individual or team of educators.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hines at 903-262-1064.