Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford sitting in front of a microphone

In the latest edition of the Talks with Tyler ISD podcast, Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford joins host Jennifer Hines to talk about what's next for Tyler ISD.

Following what many say was the most challenging year in education ever, Dr. Crawford recaps what District students and staff accomplished this year and the District's plan for the future.

"If you had told me in August that we would have the feeling we have right now, I would have been skeptical," Crawford said. "But it's been a great year. Academically speaking, we have done the best we possibly could, given the circumstances we had. But at the same time, you've got to feel good about the students, staff, faculty, and parents of Tyler ISD. We are very excited about the year we just had."

One of the largest school districts in the state to start the school year on time with in school and virtual learning options, Dr. Crawford praises the community for backing the District's health and safety protocols and the fidelity of students and staff to adhere to the protocols throughout the year. The District was also able to continue extracurricular activities throughout the year. These activities included completing all middle and high school sports schedules and UIL fine arts and academic competitions.

As for the future, Dr. Crawford talks about potential changes to the structure of our school calendar and the District's new Tyler Optimal Performance (TOP) teacher program. The TOP program is a teacher incentive allotment funded by the state and provides significant pay incentives for top-performing teachers.

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