Tyler ISD Talks All Things Kindergarten in its Latest Podcast Episode

In the latest Talks with Tyler ISD podcast episode, host Jennifer Hines talks all things kindergarten with Miranda Duncan, a kindergarten teacher at Jack Elementary School. As Tyler ISD’s kindergarten registration period nears, the District aims to equip parents with the resources they need to choose the best program for their child.

“Kindergarten is such an important experience for students because this is their first impression of what school and what their education for the next several years is going to be like,” Hines said. Hines and Duncan also discuss what a day in kindergarten looks like these days and how it may differ from the kindergarten of years past.  

Kindergarten registration opens in Tyler ISD on Thursday, April 15. Families interested in registering or learning more about Tyler ISD’s exceptional kindergarten program can visit www.tylerisd.org/kinder and are invited to contact their zoned campus for a personal tour. Families can also receive a free kindergarten readiness checklist to help prepare their student(s) for a successful start.

To listen to the full episode, or check out previous Talks with Tyler ISD episodes, go to www.tylerisd.org/podcast