Dr. Mejia and Dr. Crawford holding certificate of recognition

This month, Tyler ISD recognized Tyler Junior College (TJC) for its continued partnership to create successful student outcomes throughout the District. Tyler ISD Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford presented TJC President Dr. Juan Mejia with a Texas Association of School Board (TASB) business recognition certificate as part of TASB’s Stand Up for Texas Public Schools advocacy campaign.

“Tyler Junior College is a true partner in Tyler ISD’s vision to create successful student outcomes,” Dr. Crawford said. “Our students, parents, and teachers directly benefit from organizations such as TJC that are willing to stand up for public schools, not just in words but in their actions. We are grateful to TJC and know their partnership will continue to impact Tyler ISD students for years to come.”

“It is a privilege to work with Dr. Crawford and his leadership team because of our mutual vision to have all students be successful,” Dr. Mejia said. “We at TJC are truly honored and grateful to receive this very important recognition, and we thank everyone at the District.” 

For many years, TJC has partnered with Tyler ISD to create college-bound cultures among students of all ages, as well as provide them with post-secondary opportunities, including the Early College High School program and the TJC Promise Scholarship program.

Tyler ISD’s highly competitive Early College High School (ECHS) choice program allows students to graduate high school with not only their high school diploma, but also an associate degree from TJC. Seniors from the class of 2019 were the first ECHS graduating class, and over the past two years more than 140 ECHS graduates have graduated high school with associate degrees from TJC.

The TJC Promise Program increases access to higher education by providing high school students an opportunity to earn up to two years of tuition and fees at TJC. The TJC Promise Program is a six-year, comprehensive program that spans from 9th grade through the first two years of college. This program encourages students to perform well academically in high school and college, while limiting the number of missed school days, and promoting community service.

Additionally, TJC provides 33 dual credit course options and programs, educational and independent work environments for students with disabilities, and shares facilities for trainings and programs.