Tyler ISD Takes Book Fairs Online

Traditional book fairs bring a lot of excitement and energy to campuses. Students and teachers alike enjoy discovering new adventures found between the pages of each new book. This year, Tyler ISD is combining its traditional campus book fairs to create one big districtwide online book fair.

“We are so excited about this,” Tyler ISD Technology Innovation Specialist Thurndotte Ray said. “Of course we would love to hold book fairs at campuses like we have done in years past, but we are thrilled that even more people can participate online, whether its mom and dad here or Aunt Jane in Oklahoma.”

In Tyler ISD, the theme of the school year is “Adapt and Deliver” (#A2D). The District is adapting to all kinds of scenarios brought forth by these new COVID-era days, and by doing so, it is finding ways to deliver on its vision to create successful student outcomes. Moving to one districtwide online book fair is just the latest example of adapting processes to deliver positive results.

Proceeds from the online book fair will not only help individual school libraries, but will also help stock campus digital libraries with various titles and resources that all students can access.

“We want to be sure all of our students have access to books and resources, whether they are learning from home or in school,” Ray said. “In order to do so, we need to build up our digital libraries so that more titles are available to students whenever they need them.”

Anyone who wants to shop the Tyler ISD book fair can do so through October 4 at https://www.scholastic.com/bf/tylerindependentschdist. There is also a link to the online book fair on each campus website.

For more information, contact Thurndotte Ray at 903-262-1000.