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After much thought and consideration of the scenarios and factors surrounding COVID-19, the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees has decided to proceed with the originally approved start date of August 19 for the 2020-2021 school year. The District will attach any missed instructional days due to future school closures to the end of the calendar, pushing the last day of school past the planned May 26 date.

“As we look at suggestions from the Texas Education Agency and our federal and state agencies, we will move forward with the academic path which best fits our students, families, and Tyler community so that we can continue to create successful student outcomes,” Tyler ISD Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said.  “Also, we are looking at options for families who may not feel comfortable coming back to school in August.”

Currently, the District is putting systems in place to help reduce lost instruction should additional long-term closures occur in the future. Such systems include a more robust remote learning environment through the adoption of the Canvas learning management system. The District is also redesigning its instructional technology plan to provide 1:1 devices for K-12 students and classroom teachers, along with WiFi connectivity dispersed across Tyler ISD’s 200 square mile district through hotspots provided at District facilities and community partner sites.

The approved calendar is accessible here.