Along with many school districts across the state, Tyler ISD is looking ahead to the next school year and what changes may need to be made to the 20-21 calendar after warnings from Gov. Greg Abbott. The governor suggested school districts start the school year earlier and incorporate flexibility in the calendar in case facilities are closed again due to COVID-19.

“We are far away from making any decisions at this point,” Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said. “There are many factors to consider including the need to make up lost learning time from this school year and flexibility if the governor closes school facilities again. We are evaluating all options to make the best decision for our students and staff.”

Any changes to the calendar must be presented to the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees and receive their approval.

“In the meantime, the District is redesigning our instructional technology plan not only for in school learning but to also prepare for a more robust remote learning environment,” Dr. Crawford said.

Those plans include 1:1 devices for our K-12 students and WiFi connectivity dispersed across Tyler ISD’s 200 square mile district through hotspots at District facilities and community partner sites. The District has also purchased a new learning management system that will better connect educators with their students. Other factors under review are standards for teacher instruction, student learning, feedback, grades, attendance, and expectations for how long a student will need to be in a remote “classroom seat” online. 

“There are many scenarios and moving parts to be considered,” Dr. Crawford said. “We are looking at suggestions from the Texas Education Agency, as well as what academic path best fits our students, families, and Tyler community so that we can have successful student outcomes.”