Andy Warhol eating a hamburger

Three Lakes Middle School's eighth-grade art teacher introduced a project based on the 1982 independent film by Jorgen Leth of the artist Andy Warhol eating a burger. 

Students similarly filmed each other, and the setting emulated the original work of Pop Art. The student films are an homage to Andy Warhol, considered the gatekeeper to our current social media-driven society. 

Warhol's quote, "In the Future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes," has certainly come true in a way that not even he could have predicted. Each video is student recorded and only contains one line of dialogue: "My name is ______, and I just ate a hamburger." This is the same dialogue from the original film. The students' Chromebooks acted as the screen since they are their primary interface with much of their schoolwork. This was a two-day installation and the culmination of a yearlong effort.

In the original film, Leth shot a four-minute video of Warhol earing a hamburger in his New York studio. The virtually silent film set the stage for parodies for years to come and made for a powerful pop culture moment.