students standing on a stage holding certificates in front of themselves

At a special ceremony this morning, Tyler ISD celebrated the achievements of 11 students from the District’s LINK 18+ program, six who graduated and received their diplomas. The Learning Independence and New Knowledge (LINK) program, located on the Tyler Junior College (TJC) West Campus and in businesses throughout the community, helps students with special needs develop vocational and independent living skills.

“Our LINK program is important because it gets our students ready for employment in supported, sheltered, or independent work environments,” Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said. “It brings so much pride and joy to see our students succeed after graduation due to the independent skills they learn through the LINK 18+ program.”

Some graduates will join their family businesses and other graduates will attend ETCIL (East Texas Center for Independent Living) for skills and socialization.

In the last three years, LINK has partnered with 46 businesses in the community for work-based learning. The LINK class of 2023 is the 13th class to participate in the LINK 18+ program atTJC West.