three women and 10 boys (wearing caps and gown) standing together in a group

Tyler ISD and CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances (CHRISTUS) celebrated 10 Project SEARCH interns during a special graduation ceremony at Wisenbaker Conference Center.

The Project SEARCH program is perfectly aligned with the district’s mission of Successful Student Outcomes for all students. The program's core objective is to empower students with disabilities, providing them with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive in the professional world. Upon completion of the one-year internship with CHRISTUS, these students are well-prepared to work and actively participate in the community independently.

The Class of 2023 marks the eighth group of interns to successfully complete their internships at CHRISTUS. “This class will make 70 interns to have completed Project SEARCH,” Tyler ISD Executive Director of Student Support Jeannia Dykman said. “Of those 70, we have 57 who are currently employed, and that number will continue to rise as the graduates here today are in the application and job search process.”

The success of the Project SEARCH program is not limited to internships at CHRISTUS alone. Tyler ISD also recognizes the immense potential and talents of these exceptional individuals, with nine Project SEARCH interns working within various departments. Whether they are contributing to the transportation system, assisting teachers in the classroom, or providing custodial support, these interns have found their place within the school district, proving that their abilities know no bounds.

With each year, the Project SEARCH program continues to shape the lives of students in Tyler ISD, serving as a testament to the power of inclusive education and employment. The Class of 2023 stands as a remarkable milestone in this journey, inspiring future generations to reach for their dreams, no matter the challenges they may face.