Hispanic elementary age boy wearing a black, white and gray jacket

Congratulations to Mateo Gonzalez, second grader at Bonner Elementary School, for being named the District Elementary Student of the Month for March.

Mateo Gonzalez motivates his teacher and classmates to pay attention to the periodic table. He is a huge fan of it. He memorized the elements by their atomic number and encouraged his teacher integrate this into his classes. He loves facts about the elements, sharing comments such as: “I see Lithium in batteries, stars are made of two elements, Hydrogen and Helium, diamonds are made of Carbon, I see Calcium in our bodies, I see Fluorine in toothpaste.”

He gives his classmates the best positive comments like, “I love Ana’s handwriting, Santiago is really good at Math, all the girls in the classroom are beautiful.”

Congratulations, Mateo!