TOP Teacher Program

Twenty-nine Tyler ISD teachers were surprised with a TOP Teacher designation this week.   A TOP (Tyler Optimal Performance) Teacher at our current TIA campuses has met stringent criteria such as student growth metrics, attendance, teacher observation data, and student surveys.

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is a crucial part of House Bill 3, dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high-needs and rural schools. In addition to helping attract and keep effective educators in the classroom, this system permits Tyler ISD to identify more effective educators and provide incentives for them to teach at the most challenging campuses, increasing the equitable distribution of effective educators.

This past week, all twenty-nine TOP Teachers were informed of their designation level according to an Approved Local Designation System. TOP Teachers are eligible to receive allotments generated by designated teachers that meet eligibility requirements in each district and campus. For Tyler ISD, the annual monetary awards could range from $6,000 to $23,500.   

According to the Approved Local Designation System, the teacher designee receives 70% of the allotment, with the campus receiving 20% and the district receiving 10%.

The twenty-nine TOP Teachers and their designations are as follows.

Austin Elementary School
Maria Riggs -Recognized Designation
Griselda Godina - Recognized Designation
Luis Soto -Exemplary Designation
Maria Araujo -Exemplary Designation
Marina Alberto Lopez- Exemplary Designation

Peete Elementary School
Maria Carmen Martinez- Exemplary Designation

Early College High School
Shannon Kinkade- Exemplary Designation

Jones Elemenary School
Sebria Mitchell –Recognized Designation
Shelby Beasley –Exemplary Designation
Jade Perry –Exemplary Designation
Amber Johnson-Exemplary Designation
Emilee Kubara-Exemplary Designation

Orr Elementary School
Stephanie Constante –Recognized Designation
Litzia Roman Gonzalez –Exemplary Designation
Alan Richbourg –Exemplary Designation
Rolando Alvarez –Exemplary Designation

Boulter Middle School
Yolanda Taylor Wade –Recognized Designation
Linnon Thomas –Exemplary Designation

Ramey Elementary School
Patricia Ford- Recognized Designation
Ariadna Melendo Esteban –Recognized Designation
Elizabeth Neuman –Exemplary Designation
Jasmin Lopez –Exemplary Designation
Jaquelline Luna-Exemplary Designation
Maria de la luz Chaves Izaguirre –Exemplary Designation
Eduardo Fumo –Exemplary Designation
Kristi Tapper –Master Designation
Ebony Cormier –Master Designation
Laura Elizalde Moran –Master Designation
Marcela Galvan de Guzman –Master Designation

Tyler ISD's TOP teachers hope to encourage other colleagues to stay in the classroom at the most challenging campuses and continue to strive for successful student outcomes.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hines at 903-262-1064. 

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