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Visual and Performing Arts

When it comes to Visual and Performing Arts, as a District of Distinction, we have options for your child from pre-k through high school.

We offer your child everything they need to experience and explore creative self-expression in new state-of-the-art facilities. Your child can participate in exceptional, award-winning programs that provide the required fundamental knowledge skills to nurture their creative passion and lasting love of the Arts.

Research shows that after just two years of music education, students show more substantial improvements in reading scores and how the brain processes speech than their less-involved peers. Those involved in music are more likely to graduate high school and attend college as well.

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Elementary Programs

Your elementary aged child has the opportunity to learn in dedicated music and art spaces on every campus. Through participation in campus, district, and community events and initiatives, elementary students have a wide range of opportunities to see their work displayed, perform and experience art like no other in East Texas.

In addition, the All-District Honors Choir offers 4th and 5th-grade students the opportunity to participate in state competitions and performances throughout the year.

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Middle School Programs

Your art-loving middle school child will have the opportunity to compete at district, regional, and state levels as well as have their art on display at places such as the Tyler Museum of Art, Gallery Main Street, or even the Texas Capitol!

We pride ourselves on being the region's leading award-producing performance district.

Additionally, the financial cost to families with a child participating in performing arts can be minimal. Many instruments and supplies are provided by the campus at little or no cost.

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Caldwell Arts Academy (K-8 Magnet)

See the benefits of a research-based art integration curriculum where students learn the six art forms (dance, drama, digital, instruments, vocals, and visual arts) and advanced core content (math, science, reading, and social studies) simultaneously. The A-rated campus offers numerous fine arts electives and more than 30 productions a year.

Caldwell is one of two schools nationally to receive the Arts School Network Arts Integration School Award (2021) and one of four schools in the nation to be named a 2022 Schools Transforming Learning Designated Campus by the N2 Learning Principals' Institute.

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High School Programs

Choosing Visual and/or Performing Arts in high school will allow your child the opportunity to develop in an environment with other individuals who share similar ideas and interests.

Tyler ISD leads the region in award-winning ensembles and performances. With so many options available, your child will be surrounded by top-performing artists and acquire skills that will lead them to success even after graduation.

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Our program submerges your child into focused and rigorous classes, including advanced placement art, studio art, design, and drawing to develop their skills at a deeper level.

Students interested in the practical experience of art can create portfolios to equivalent to most common college foundation courses. These will demonstrate their artistic skills and ideas they have developed, refined, and applied over the course of the year.

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Having two sweepstakes-winning high school bands is not an easy feat, but we've accomplished it. Joining either of our comprehensive high school bands will allow your child to acquire musical perception and creative expression/performance, obtain historical/cultural heritage and develop individual and ensemble skills.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity and experience to perform not only in traditional high school settings like football games but also in marching contests and concerts across the state.



The choir for high school students is nothing short of exceptional.

Your child will have the opportunity to develop their individual and group skills, music reading ability, and participate in many TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) and UIL competitions.

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Whether your child wants to learn basic dance styles like Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Folk, Tap, Choreography, and Production or prepare themselves for a more-competitive atmosphere, dance at Tyler ISD is sure to prepare them.

From basic dance concepts to winning state competitions, each comprehensive high school dance program ensures success.



When your child chooses to participate in orchestra we have plenty of options to choose from.

From beginning orchestra, which includes classical, Pop, and ethnic styles to Concert, Philharmonic, Chamber, or Symphony orchestra, your child will have the opportunity to perform among some of the nation's most renowned musicians, experiencing orchestra like never before.

Tyler Legacy performing the wizard of oz


Great productions can only come from great comprehensive Theater programs.

When your child attends Tyler Legacy or Tyler High they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a workshop atmosphere that includes production, leadership training, individual development, stage management, technical theater projects, acting styles, and character analysis development.

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An Experience Only the Arts Can Provide

We believe participation in Visual and Performing Arts should begin in early childhood and continue through formal education.

The Arts allow your child to experience and explore their creative self-expression and provide a viable, systematic curriculum that allows them to experience a true and lasting love of the Arts.

This can even promote enjoyment, involvement, and support of Arts in the community and nurture the creative passion in students seeking to pursue careers in the Arts.

Four Amazing Venues

Not only will your child be taught by the best, but they will perform in the best facilities.

Rose Stadium

Rose Stadium

609 Fair Park Dr., Tyler, TX 75702
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Tyler Legacy Theater

4500 Red Raider Dr., Tyler, TX 75703
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Tyler High School Theater

Dr. Martin L. Edwards Jr. Theater

3535 Lion Lane, Tyler, TX 75702
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Caldwell Auditorium

Caldwell Auditorium

300 S. College Ave, Tyler, TX 75702
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Excellence in the Arts

Don't just take our word for it. Our accolades speak for themselves.

NAMM Best Communities for Music Education Award

Five-Time Best Communities for Music Education Winner

TAEA District of Distinction Award

Five-Time TAEA District of Distinction Winner


Your child can perform with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra.

Performing with the best is not a dream. It's a reality when you attend a Tyler ISD school. See some of our stories below.

There are many reasons why you should choose Tyler ISD.

If you are impressed with our visual and performing arts program offerings, you should check out the rest of what we offer.

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