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Tyler ISD provides bus transportation for eligible students.

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and quality service in a caring environment for our students, staff, and community through a well-trained, professional and positive staff that exceeds customers’ needs in the most cost effective manner.

Do you know what campus your child will attend?

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Need Transportation?

ALL transportation requests must be made via Online Registration.

You must provide transportation until your child is assigned to a bus route.

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My Ride K-12

We use My Ride K-12, an app that allows a streamlined flow of communication for you when your child rides the bus. The app uses GPS data and contains your child's bus route information as they travel throughout the district.

You can access your child's secure data for bus stop location, route, and pick up time, including when and where your child boards and exits the bus. The app also allows push notifications from the Transportation Department to inform you of pickup and drop-off schedules, delays, accidents, changes in bus assignments, and other important information.

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Route Information

Bus pickup and drop off locations, as well as route information.

Bus Conduct

This video highlights proper bus conduct for our students. 
En Español

Parents are not allowed to board a school bus. Ed. Code 37.126 - Disruption of Transportation is punishable by a $500 fine.

Bus Seat Safety

Due to the laws and liabilities associated with transporting small students, we do not transport Pre-K and Head Start students. Those students are 4 yrs. old or younger and require car seats that the buses do not have. After age 4, the seat belts provided in the buses are sufficient. Buses without passenger seat belts (pre-2018 model years) are grandfathered to the previous laws not requiring seat belts for students older than 4.

We will transport kindergarten students as long as they have an older sibling riding on the bus attending the same campus.

The only exceptions to this requirement will be special needs and McKinney-Vento students. Those are addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Road Safety

The safety of our students is a priority for our drivers, and should also be a priority for those in the community as well.

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Want to Join Our Team?

We are looking for additional bus drivers to safely transport our students. The information below should answer most of your questions, but if it doesn't, please don't hesitate to contact us at 903.262.1135.

Application for Employment

Contacts/Phone Instructions

When dialing a number that includes an extension below, you must first dial 903.262.1000 & then the extension or you will not reach someone within Tyler ISD. You cannot dial 903.262.xxxx (whatever the extension is) directly. 

Email the Transportation Department

John Bagert
Director of Transportation

Jim McDougal
Routing Coordinator

Randy Burton
Transportation Facilitator

Jeri Noble
Payroll & Employee Records

Rita Morris
Administrative Assistant

Yolanda Flores
Bilingual Clerk

Carolina Moctezuma
Bilingual Clerk
903.262.1000 x 3566

Billy Glasscock
Parts & Technician
903.262.1000 x 1139

Frank Hibbs
Team Leader/Special Needs/Routing
903.262.1000 x 3805

De'Ray Thompson
Special Needs Router
903.262.1000 x 3524

Nick Nestor
Team Leader Routing

Ron Dinoto
Team Leader Routing
903.262.1000 x 4501

Yvetta Henry

Lucy Gonzalez
Specialist/Trip Scheduling
903.262.1000 x 4447

Alfonso Perez
Team Leader/Training
903.262.1000 x 3562

Robert Edwards
Shop Foreman
903.262.1000 x 1132

Charles Turner
Specialist/Student Management
903.262.1000 x 5160