Sign In & Out Procedures

All Tyler ISD campuses use the Raptor system to sign approved volunteers in and out. Only approved volunteers who have completed the volunteer application will appear in Raptor. Raptor provides an additional security level to ensure the continued safety of Tyler ISD students. Raptor also logs volunteer hours and provides other features that are beneficial to our campuses. We have used Raptor for many years now to check in visitors on our campuses and are excited to apply the same safety features to our volunteer program.

How Does It Work: Sign In and Out Procedures Using Raptor
Once the volunteer application process is complete (5 to 7 days), approved volunteers will be uploaded into Raptor. The campus receptionist will search for the volunteer name in Raptor, sign them in and print them a sticker badge that must be worn at all times while on campus for the day. Volunteers must return to the office to be signed out by the receptionist. PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers will need to bring their driver’s license the FIRST time they volunteer. The campus receptionist will scan the license and Raptor will save the info in the database. The license is only required the FIRST time a volunteer signs in.

High School Volunteers:
With the use of Raptor, Tyler ISD will no longer print hard badges for volunteers at elementary and middle school campuses (including Head Start). Badges will continue to be printed for high school volunteers and should be worn at all times by high school volunteers. Hard badges will be sent to the campuses designated in the volunteer application. Volunteers are still required to report to the main office to be signed in and out using Raptor.