Campus WIFI Locations

The Tyler ISD Park and Learn Project provides external access to district WIFI at all of our facilities. Click on one of the facility names below to see an external map of the facility. WIFI access is tested and approved to work only in the shaded area of each facility parking lot. (click on campus or facility name below to see map). It may be possible to gain access in other areas but it has neither been tested nor approved.

How It Works

Drive to one of our campus facilities and park anywhere in the shaded area of the map.  Your district issued mobile device will automatically connect to the appropriate network.  For example, student Chromebooks will connect to TISD-Student and staff iPads or laptops will connect to TISD-Staff. Once connected to the Tyler ISD wireless network you can utilize your device the same as if you were inside the building. For instructions on downloading content for offline use, please speak to your campus representative.  

Guest Access (Pertains only to non TISD owned devices)

Any non-TISD owned devices, such as personal laptops or mobile devices will only be granted access to TISD-Guest and will need to contact their campus for a password.

Non-TISD owned devices may need to install a certificate in order to gain access to many sites that are decrypted by our content filter such as Google. The certificate and installation instructions can be found at

To gain access to some district resources it will be necessary to login into your Virtual Desktop. Visit and login with your Tyler ISD username and password.