Return to School FAQs

What if my student or family member has medical reasons that do not allow them to attend in-school classes?
For students who have a medical attestation from a M.D. or D.O., test positive for COVID-19, or have to quarantine because of the virus, a remote learning option (Learn@Home) will be available during a specified timeframe. Families will need to turn in a Medical Attestation form completed by their doctor. Please reach out to your campus principal for more details.

Are face shields allowed as a face covering?
Per local, state and national medial guidance of minimal to low transmission rates in younger individuals, the District will allow face shields for students in grades 3 or younger. While TEA guidance allows face shields usage for grades 3 and younger, the District encourages face coverings be considered for students who can manage effectively. More guidance on face coverings can be found in the Protocols for Personal Protective Equipment section of the Return to Learn Plan.

Do all students have to wear masks? Even those under age 10?
Yes, all students and staff are expected to wear face coverings during school hours when social distancing is not possible. The district has made this decision, prioritizing the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. This requirement is subject to change. Students and teachers will be offered a space to remove their face coverings and take a break if needed. Individual needs regarding face coverings will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations should be submitted to campus administration.

How will ranking and GPA work if some students are virtual and others are in person?
In-School Learning and Learn@Home are subject to the same grading policy. Therefore, grading, ranking, and GPA calculations remain unchanged.

What happens if students or staff begin displaying symptoms while at school?
Please refer to the Protocols for Screening and Isolation section of the Return to School plan posted at

What if my child has a chronic condition in which they display one or more of the COVID 19 symptoms?
Per the Texas Education Agency, evaluating an individual for COVID 19 symptoms includes determining if such symptoms are not normal for them. The campus nurse will evaluate students for potential COVID 19 symptoms based on what is normal for the student. Completing the medical history form during the online student registration process provides an opportunity for families to notify the campus nurse of any condition which could explain such symptoms.

When can students and staff return to school after experiencing COVID-19 screening symptoms?
Students and staff may not come to school until all of the following criteria have been met:

  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared

  • AND at least 1 day (24 hours) have passed since recovery of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications

  • AND you have improvement in symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath

  • OR you may provide written clearance from a medical professional in order to return based on an alternative diagnosis.

You or your parent/guardian should contact your primary care provider. Your doctor will make the decision if you should get tested for COVID-19. More guidance can be found in the Protocols for Screening and Isolation section of the Return to School Plan.

Will accommodations be made for students and staff with specific medical needs?
Students and staff with specific medical needs should contact their principal and/or campus for further direction.

Will parents be allowed to walk their children to class in the mornings?
At this time, parents will not be allowed to walk students to class in the mornings.

What is the BLADE program?
Blended Learning and Digital Education (BLADE) is a program that will help students and staff transition between In-School Learning and Learn@Home models when needed. Through BLADE, all students and teachers will utilize the Canvas Learning Management System and will have access to computer devices to help complete their work.

What is the policy for a student to receive a Chromebook?
Tyler ISD will lend District Chromebooks to students to use for educational purposes, with priority to those enrolled in Learn@Home and do not have access to a device. Students may use their own devices as long as they have video and audio capabilities. District Chromebooks and all accessories are the property of Tyler ISD and will need to be returned at the end of the school year or if the student leaves the district for any reason. Parents/Guardians are financially responsible for damaged or lost devices. All students will participate in an online school orientation and sign the Tyler ISD Student Handbook prior to picking up a Chromebook. Chromebook distribution will take place at the campus level. Please contact your campus for more information.

You can learn more about Chromebook distribution by watching this video: