Estimated Tax Impact

Approval of Bond 2022 will not increase Tyler ISD’s tax rate. 

 Qualifying disabled veterans and residents who have an over-65 homestead exemption had their taxes frozen when their exemption was granted (unless improvements or additions are made). Anyone who needs more information about the exemption should call the Smith County Appraisal District at 903.510.8600 and ask for the Exemption Department or go to the appraisal district’s website at

No Tax Impact $0. Taxes will be used for payment of bonds, but the tax rate will not be increased, estimated based on ad valorem values.

Ages 65 & older $0 tax impact over their frozen amount

Ballot Language

In 2019, Texas Legislators passed a new law as part of HB 3 that requires all bond propositions for any school district to have the phrase, "THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE" on all ballot language for bond propositions. Due to this requirement, all voters will see this statement on the official ballot language, even when there is no tax rate increase as a result of the bond.

Smith County Tax Assessor Gary Barber Discusses the Over-65 Tax Exemption

Tyler ISD Bond 2022