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Refer a certified teacher or transportation team member & earn EXTRA MONEY for every successful hire!   

Our EMPLOYEES make Tyler ISD an excellent working environment. YOU know better than anyone why it’s a great time for qualified individuals to consider joining our TEAM of exceptional employees.

Tyler ISD has two referral programs outlined below, one for referring certified teachers and one for referrals to our Transportation Team.

Refer a Certified Teacher

Refer a certified teacher and earn EXTRA MONEY for every successful hire!  Tyler ISD employees may refer teachers who are certified in hard to fill content areas for the 2024-2025 school year.  We are looking for certified teachers who are innovative, passionate, hard-working, and committed to successful student outcomes. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make!  Certification areas eligible for referral:

  • bilingual elementary core subjects,

  • bilingual middle school core subjects,

  • elementary core subjects,

  • secondary math, science, and reading language arts,

  • all level special education (full-time teachers).

We will start accepting referrals beginning March 1, 2024 – July 19, 2024.

Who is eligible to receive the teacher referral incentive?
All current Tyler ISD employees are eligible for the Employee Teacher Referral Incentive except for the following positions: principals, assistant principals, district and campus-level directors/coordinators, district level administrators, Human Resources staff, temporary employees, tutors, substitutes, and campus athletic coordinators. 

Eligible employee referrals must meet the following criteria:

  • Referred teacher must have at least one year of teaching experience in a K-12 school district. Candidates referred with less than one year of experience will not be eligible for the incentive.

  • Referred teacher must have valid work authorization in the United States and not require sponsorship.

  • Referred teacher must not already have a job offer within Tyler ISD.

  • Referred teacher must have a completed application in Frontline with your name as referring employee.

  • Referred teacher must be teacher certified in the area he/she is being hired in. (District of Innovation Certificate is Ineligible)

  • The referred certified teacher must be recommended for hire by a campus administrator by July 30, 2024.

  • New-hire-to-the-district teacher that starts by the first teacher workday (July 30, 2024) may also be eligible to refer a candidate if the referral was completed prior to the first teacher workday of the school year and all other provisions are met.

  • If more than one person refers the same teacher, the referral bonus will be awarded to the first official referral received, as noted by the date/time the referral form was submitted. 

  • You cannot refer a current teacher in Tyler ISD, but you may refer former employees being rehired after a separation; or substitutes or tutors that meet the one-year minimum experience requirement.

$2,000 Payout: Referrals hired at Austin, Jones, Orr, Peete, Ramey, and Boulter MS

  • Partial payment of $500 on September 15, 2024 -- Once referred teacher starts on July 30, 2024.

  • Second payment of $750 on December 15, 2024 -- If referred teacher is still employed with Tyler ISD.

  • Final payment of $750 on May 15, 2025 -- If referred teacher is offered and has signed a contract for the 2025-2026 school year.

$1,300 Payout: Referrals hired at all other campuses

  • Partial payment of $300 on September 15, 2024 -- Once referred teacher starts on July 30, 2024.

  • Second payment of $500 on December 15, 2024 -- If referred teacher is still employed with Tyler ISD.

  • Final payment of $500 on May 15, 2025 -- If referred teacher is offered and has signed a contract for the 2025-2026 school year.

To receive FULL Referral Incentive:

  • The referred candidate must begin by the first teacher workday of the school year (July 30, 2024), successfully complete the school year, be offered, and sign a contract for the following school year.

  • The referring (you) and referred employee must both be employed by the district at the time of disbursement.

How do I refer a teacher?

  • You must complete the Online Referral Form AND the referred teacher must mention your name in the Frontline application under “additional questions” section.  See screenshot below. 

  • If the employee referring a teacher does not complete the Employee Referral Form before the referred teacher is recommended, the referral is ineligible for incentive.

Additional questions: Were you referred to us by a Tyler ISD employee? If yes, please provide the employee's name

Have questions about teacher referrals? Email Leticia.Arroyo@tylerisd.org

Refer A Transportation Team Member

Tyler ISD is offering $500 to employees for referring qualified candidates for select positions in the Transportation department. Spread the word about Tyler ISD as an outstanding place to work.

Seeking qualified candidates who share our commitment to providing a safe and positive environment for students in the following position(s):

*See online job postings for specific job qualifications

Candidate eligibility requirements:

  • Must include your name for referring them on the online application.

  • Must hold a valid CDL at the time the application is completed and at time of hire.

  • Must complete employment terms as described below.

You will be notified by Human Resources if your referral meets the requirements.

  1. Transportation department Hiring Managers, Senior Leadership and Human Resources staff are not eligible to earn referral bonuses.

  2. Individuals being referred cannot be current Tyler ISD employees.

  3. Referring employee and referred employee must be employed at the time of payout to receive the bonus payment.

  4. Referral will be paid the following month after the individual has worked 30 days.

  5. Per IRS guidelines, referral bonuses will be taxed.  


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Have questions about transportation team referrals?
Email Daisy.Castillo@tylerisd.org OR Artimese.Lawrence@tylerisd.org

-- Tyler ISD makes no guarantees that a referred candidate will be hired by the district --