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College, Career, and Military Prep

No matter your child’s future, the prep for it starts here and ends here.

We prepare students for college, career, and the military better than any district in the area. Your child can leave high school with a college degree, professional certification, or even a job in their target career.

No local public, charter, or private school can offer what we do.

Our students compete academically across the East Texas region in many markers while performing at or exceeding state standards.

We’re not just educating students; we’re preparing them for life because that’s not very far away for many of our students.

Our goal is for every student to graduate both college and career ready. Learn how we do it below:

When Should I Start?

Figuring out which classes you should take in high school doesn't have to be complicated! Yes, you need to know the school's requirements and college expectations, but you also get to take your own interests, abilities, and life into account. And, we have counselors available to assist you.

Because there are so many different questions you have to answer and decisions you have to make, it helps to start the planning process early, ideally in middle school.

For the first time, you'll have a lot of choices to make about what you study. It's important to know that the choices you make for 9th grade - as well as 10th, 11th, and 12th - will affect the choices you'll have for the rest of your life.

Impressive Facts

20 of 29 Exams
Our students scored higher on AP Exams Statewide

Students enrolled in Dual Credit Courses

Students Currently in 1+ CTE Course

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Advanced Academics (College Prep)

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Career and Technical Education (CTE/Career Prep)

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Military Prep

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Advanced Academics (College Prep)

We offer Honors, Pre-Ap, AP, and Dual Credit and we've proven ours is great.

We Offer Testing for FREE

TSIA testing is required for all students who wish to take academic dual credit courses. This is free for students (we pay for it).

We also pay for SAT and/or ACT if the students take advantage of taking the test during the designated SAT or ACT School Day.

Students with Free/Reduced-Lunch waivers (submitted by their comprehensive high school) can receive vouchers for free SAT/ACT examinations beyond the SAT/ACT School Day.

PSAT 8/9

The PSAT 8/9 test makes it easy for your child to start thinking about college and a future career.

Each October, students in 8th and 9th grade take the PSAT 8/9 at their school campus to determine what they need to work on most so that they’re ready for college when they graduate from high school.

The PSAT 8/9 test also identifies readiness for advanced high school courses.

The PSAT 8/9 helps students:


Each October, students in 10th and 11th grade take the PSAT/NMSQT at their school campus to measure readiness for college, access scholarships, and practice for the SAT.


As students prepare for college, they can take a college preparatory exam, such as the ACT or SAT.

ACT/SAT Registration:

  • Tyler High School Code 447140

  • Legacy High School Code 447138

If your child is on free/reduced lunch, they may pick up a fee waiver in the counseling office before registering.

Use the links below for registration, career planning, test prep, or last minute questions.

Our 4 Levels of Advanced Academics

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Middle School + High School

Increased Rigor to challenge students with advanced curriculum.

Our Honors courses start in middle school with English and Math.

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Middle School + High School

Advanced courses with prep for AP that are college board focused.

Middle school students can earn high school credit for Algebra I* Pre-AP and Geometry Pre-AP.

*Middle school students who take Algebra I Pre-AP must take the ACT or SAT in high school to get credit. We pay for the test during school hours.

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High School

Highly advanced courses with potential for college credit that are college board focused.

AP tests available in multiple languages.

Some colleges award college credit for qualifying AP Exam scores (3 or higher). Find your college under AP Credit Policy Search below.

Students can also take AP exams without taking the course.

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Dual Credit

High School

College-level courses through TJC with transferable credit to Texas public colleges and universities. Planning to attend a private university? Check with them for allowable transfer credits.

Dual Credit allows students to take college courses while still in high school through our partnership with Tyler Junior College, saving money on tuition.

Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch do not pay for dual credit courses.

TJC Academic Dual Credit (core courses) requires the TSIA 2.0.

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Our Advanced Academics has Proven Performance


AP Scholars


AP Scholars w/Honors


AP Scholars w/Distinction


AP Capstone Diplomas

Which level should my student take?

It depends on what they plan on doing after high school.

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Are they planning on attending a Texas public or private college or university?

If yes, then we would suggest them choosing
Dual Credit

Many of the public and private institutions accept transfer credits from Tyler Junior College. This saves you money and time.

Saves money - college isn't cheap, and depending on how many courses your child takes (and passes), you could save thousands on tuition.

Saves time - your child could graduate high school having already completed several college courses and be ahead of their peers.

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Are they planning on attending an out-of-state public or private college or university?

If yes, then we would suggest them choosing

CollegeBoard AP is a nationally accredited program.

Some out-of-state colleges and universities do not accept transfer credit from Texas community colleges (dual credit).

Saves money - depending on which AP exams your child passes, they can receive college credit, potentially saving you thousands on tuition.

Saves time - your child could graduate high school having already completed several college courses and be ahead of their peers.

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College Preparation and Tuition Savers

avid students showing scholarships


When your child participates in AVID, they are more likely to graduate and attend college, but more importantly, they will be able to think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them.

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Early College High School

Early College High School (ECHS), the #1 ranked high school in East Texas by U.S. News and World Report, serves grades 9–12, offering all Pre-AP classes. Students can earn a free Tyler Junior College associate degree (valued at around $30,000) with more than 40 dual credit courses.

Students receive free textbook vouchers, TSIA/ACT/SAT Prep, split time between TJC and ECHS, and earn up to sixty transferable credit hours. ECHS is not dual credit; it’s dual completion.

Students can choose from several degree plans, including Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, English, General Studies, Health Studies, History, Psychology, and Sociology.

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The TJC Promise

Students interested in the TJC Promise Program must enroll in the program in 9th grade. Please contact your counselor for information.

This six-year, comprehensive program spans from 9th grade through the first two years of college. The TJC Promise increases access to higher education in East Texas by providing high school students an opportunity to earn up to two years of tuition and fees at TJC. Community service is required to complete the program, with 5 hours required in 10th grade and 10 hours for both 11th and 12th grade.

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Texas Tuition Promise Fund®

The Texas Tuition Promise Fund® allows you to lock in current undergraduate tuition rates and schoolwide required fees at Texas public colleges and universities, excluding medical and dental institutions.  Texans may enroll in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund® between September 1 and February 28 (February 29 in leap years)

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Career Prep Through Career and Technical Education

What does that mean?

Great question! Career and Technical Education (CTE) are programs that offer a sequence of courses that prepare students for a successful journey in selecting and receiving relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.

When does the CTE program start?

Elementary School

Learning about our CTE program begins in elementary school, where students think about their future paths through career days and campus events where high school CTE students encourage younger students to get interested in their future pathway selections.

Middle School

Students take a College and Career Exploration class where they learn more about career opportunities, education, and training needed to pursue their future dreams.

NOTE: Course not available at Caldwell Arts Academy.

High School

Students must first take Level 1 and Level 2 CTE courses at their home campus at either Tyler High School or Tyler Legacy High School before they can enroll in more advanced courses offered at our Career and Technology Center.

tyler isd career and technology center

Meet the Career and Technology Center

In 2014, we built our two-story, 147,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Career and Technology Center (commonly referred to as the CTC) to produce workforce and college-ready graduates.

The CTC provides students with hands-on learning through our industry-based facility. We have a number of programs available, such as an auto collision repair shop, working salon, hospital grade health science labs, veterinary lab, TV studio, and even a commercial grade kitchen and café.

Each year we host exploration events for our 8th graders to tour the CTC and learn about the twenty-six different programs of study they can choose in high school.

Common Misconceptions About the CTC

It's a separate high school.

FALSE: The CTC may be a separate building, but it is only an extension of our two comprehensive high schools. Our students that attend the CTC are Tyler High School and Tyler Legacy High School students that are bused from their home campus.

It's open to out of district students.

FALSE: All students attending CTC courses are enrolled in Tyler ISD, and there are no applications. You can transfer to one of our two comprehensive high schools free of charge if you want our CTE programs.

Benefits of Our CTE Programs


Industry-Based Certifications

Students can earn certifications recognized by local, state, and national levels, allowing them to enter the workforce immediately with a competitive advantage and potentially earn more money before they even graduate.

These certifications can also give students a competitive edge if they wish to continue their education before entering the workforce.

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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning links work experiences with school-based instruction to prepare students for the future workplace through internships and job shadowing in their chosen program of study.

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Technical Dual Credit

Our programs of study include some courses that give students the opportunity to earn technical dual credit to get a jump start on post-secondary plans through our partnership with local colleges.

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Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

Students can join a CTSO that extends teaching and learning through innovative programs, business and community partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state, and national levels.

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CTE Facts

Students have Completed a CTE Program

Industry Based Certifications Earned (as of July 2023)

Seniors with 1+ Industry Based Certifications

Our CTE programs of study are individualized to meet the needs of every student.

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Military Options

If your child plans to join the military after high school, we have leadership courses available at Tyler High School and Tyler Legacy High School that will complement their future career. We highly encourage our military prep students to enroll in CTE courses to align with their intended military career.

JROTC at Tyler High School

The U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is one of the largest character development and citizenship programs for youth in the world.

Students are provided classroom opportunities to build and lead a team of their peers, however they gain the most experience from State competitions, Regionals, and Nationals. Our goal is to give our cadets experiences that will help them grow as individuals while providing a strong foundation for future success.

NNDCC at Tyler Legacy High School

The National Naval Defense Cadet Corps is designed to expand students' opportunities to gain the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

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College Prep

Career Prep

Military Prep


Dr. Kristen Walls
Executive Director of College & Career

Christopher Blake
Interim Director of Career & Technology Center

Lillian Brooks
Coordinator of AVID & College Readiness

Monica Jones
College & Career Counselor

Kim Landry
Secondary Advanced Academics & College Readiness Coordinator

Sheri Seckel
College & Career Counselor

There are many reasons why you should choose Tyler ISD.

If you are impressed with academic offerings, you should check out the rest of what we offer.