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AVID Enables More Students to Achieve Their Dreams

We know what you're thinking. What does AVID even stand for? The acronym stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).

The AVID system can empower your child by instilling the academic and social skills needed to successfully complete college and become responsible participants and leaders in our global society.

What happens in the AVID program?

Students receive academic instruction in writing, note-­taking, studying, test-taking, and organizing.

They also receive academic support from Academic Coaches/tutors or Peer Tutors through collaborative tutorial groups and peer counseling.

AVID goes above and beyond to motivate students to pursue academic excellence through goal setting, rigorous courses, cultural and collegiate field trips, classroom speakers, and AVID team-building activities.

4 Ways We Thrive Through AVID

AVID will not only teach your child to overcome obstacles and achieve success, but creates a habit of it.

When your child participates in AVID, they are more likely to graduate and attend college, but more importantly, they will be able to think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them.

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Teacher Effectiveness

Teaching is an art. AVID energizes and refreshes teachers by providing effective approaches to engage your child.

Good Teachers Can Become Great Teachers

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Student Learning

AVID helps teachers tap into the way your child naturally likes to learn.

With AVID, teachers will inspire your child to take control over their own learning.

Students Can Rise to the Challenge

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AVID helps principals find clarity, confidence, and comfort with instituting change.

AVID leaders shift the campus culture to drive change and spread best practices.

High Expectations for All Students Start at the Top

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With AVID, schools provide high expectations, access, and support your child needs to succeed in rigorous courses.

Close the Opportunity Gap

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College Readiness Road Map

When your child is in AVID, they are provided with a clearly defined and delineated road map. This road map runs from elementary through high school. Following this path gives them the confidence needed to pursue their dreams of college.

AVID will prepare your child for the rigors of college and provide them with the academic skills, content knowledge, and social adaptability needed for college success.

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Which Tyler ISD schools have AVID?

AVID is separated into two groups, AVID Elementary and AVID Secondary.

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AVID Elementary Explained

Our AVID Elementary (K-5) program teaches students academic skills at an age-appropriate level that will help them succeed at each level of their education.

There is not an application if your child attends an AVID Elementary site. AVID Elementary is across grade levels, not a stand-alone class. Strategies are embedded into daily instruction across all academic areas school wide.

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AVID Secondary Explained

In AVID Secondary, your child will take the AVID Elective course. For one period a day, they receive additional academic, social, and emotional support that will help them succeed in their school’s most rigorous courses.

Proven Effectiveness

AVID students outperform their peers in crucial metrics nationwide.

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complete four-year college entrance requirements

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who apply are accepted into four-year colleges

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who enroll persist into the second year

About Our National Demonstration School

We are proud that one of our middle schools is known nationwide for its accolades with AVID.

A school with the National Demonstration status denotes collaborative efforts of the staff, students, families, and community impact.

1st Campus in Texas
to be revalidated with AVID National Demonstration Status in 2021-2022

Less than 5%
of AVID systems across the nation obtain this honor

Hubbard National Demonstration School

Hubbard Middle School

Hubbard Middle School seal

At Hubbard, the success of the AVID system is proven by data and impacts the entire campus. Not only are they successful, but they are also in the TOP 2% of the nation of implementing AVID Sites, making them a destination site for parents and students.

Our campus saw a boost in overall student attendance, 8th-grade Algebra enrollment, and the implementation of small, structured groups for teaching and learning. These are just a few noted successful outcomes from the AVID College Readiness System at Hubbard.

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Engaging All Students Through AVID Celebrations

We have multiple events that celebrate student success and build a community of ensuring college readiness for all students.

Elementary students wearing college gear

College Colors Day

Once a month, our students, teachers, and staff across the district wear college gear to celebrate and promote college and career readiness!

It is a celebration for us and an opportunity to have conversations about our educational journeys, college experiences, setbacks/comebacks, and even the jobs we've had before becoming an educator to our students.

Tyler High school senior signing on stage his college letter

Decision Day

Decision Day is when seniors nationwide must inform colleges of their enrollment plans. We take that day to celebrate all seniors whose post-secondary plans include a four-year university, community college, certification program, trade school, or the military at all four high schools.

The day includes college gear, fanfare, signs throughout the campuses, and signing events that are a must-see.

Tyler Legacy seniors visiting elementary campuses

Senior Grad Walks

Our AVID Grad Walk symbolizes our seniors' next step toward post-secondary education. It is meant to celebrate their accomplishments and future in college/university, military, or trade school. The majority have been AVID participants for more than four years.

The best part is that current elementary students get to see and experience the excitement of those graduating high school with a "plan of action" for their future. 


AVID Contacts

Call our office at 903.262.3086 and we can help you get started with AVID or get you in contact with your Site Coordinator.

Lillian Brooks

AVID Coordinator

Taylor Lewis

Administrative Assistant

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How to Become an AVID Tutor

Are you looking for a part-time job? We have the perfect place for you!

By joining us for our weekly AVID tutorial sessions, you can become a student's "academic mentor" and help promote a passion for learning, growth, and personal development.

If you love collaborating and inspiring others to be their best, there is no better place to make an impact. You will even facilitate small groups with a certified teacher with middle and/or high school students.

You can work Tutorial Days on Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Earn $12.00 / Hour

There are many reasons why you should choose Tyler ISD.

Our AVID program is just one of many great programs we offer. If you are impressed with AVID, you should check out the rest of what we offer.