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Tyler High School senior athletes signed letters of intent to play women's basketball at the collegiate level today. The signing ceremony took place in the varsity gym before the athletes' families, coaches, and teammates.

Tyler High athletes signing letters of intent include:

Taniyah Elmore, Basketball – Clarendon College

Stat total from 2019-2023: Field Goal Percentage: 34.4% Free Throws: 30.8% Scoring: 49 pts Rebound: 30 Steals: 30

Tyler High Lady Lions Basketball Head Coach Amber Wiley: "HARD WORK NEVER GOES UNNOTICED! A big congratulations on an unplanned accomplishment. Taniyah came to practice day in and day out, expecting nothing but to improve each day. She has been very disciplined and academically acceptable throughout the four years of her basketball career at Tyler High School. She was a stand-out athlete who did not look to play at the next level but WAS CHOSEN to play at the next level because she competed without complaining. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Elmore, for your support over four years. You've never doubted the program or the coaching staff. And for this, we are blessed to see Elmore play at the next level."

Kyla Crawford, Basketball – Clarendon College

Stat total from 2019-2023:
Field Goal percentage: 65.2%
Free Throws: 54.3%
Scoring:  116 pts
Rebound:  115 pts
Steals:  25

Tyler High Women's Basketball Head Coach Amber Wiley: "NO OFF DAYS! Congratulations to a young lady unafraid of discipline, hard work, motivation, love, and support from this ENTIRE coaching staff. This young lady beat the odds and came out on top after a grueling injury in her sophomore year! The fight to compete with herself to get better and confidence in her ability landed her a humbling position. Crawford will be able to continue her love for the game at the next level. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Kellum for your support over the last four years. You've supported this staff in decision-making and allowed us to complete our job. We love you, and again, thank you!”

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