Beyond the Classroom

We offer high-achieving academics and extracurriculars

Creative students find their niche at Caldwell Arts Academy. If you are reading this, you already know your child would be a good fit in the art environment. To promote creativity, we provide multiple opportunities for students to design, perform, and share as a community.

As our students go through each grade, they explore various aspects of the arts.

student painting

Fine Arts Courses

Fine arts education prepares children for the real world. It provides opportunities to build confidence, learn to collaborate with others, build an understanding of how to tackle difficult things, and promote ownership in learning.

How Much Time Do Students Spend in the Arts?

Great question. We focus on the arts at Caldwell which includes time spent learning the arts.

If your child becomes a Caldwell Star, they receive:


Minutes of Arts in Elementary School
(on average)

That's 5X More

Arts Education in Elementary School vs. Traditional Schools


Minutes of Arts in Middle School
(on average)

That's 4X More

Arts Education in Middle School vs. Traditional Schools


Caldwell is the only school that offers high school credit in visual and theater arts.

This ensures a student leaving Caldwell gains access to advance high school courses and opportunities for college courses in the future.

students performing

How and When We Introduce Students to the Arts?

We begin with exploring your child's creative passion and talents in Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

These exploration classes focus on art fundamentals through a robust curriculum designed specifically for our Stars.

Meet Our Six Core Art Forms

student dancing


Your child explores dance techniques through experiences in creative movement, tap, modern, hip-hop, and drill prep courses.

student acting


Through drama, your child explores puppetry, creative drama, stage and film acting, musical theater, and UIL experiences. 

student working with paint

Visual Art

Your child learns various techniques in sketching, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, sculpture, and fiber art.

student working on graphics

Digital Arts

Your child will experience three major disciplines Animation/Film, Graphic Design, and Photography. Starting in Kindergarten, students can advance to middle school through this program to specialize in all these areas.

student playing guitar

Instruments (Music)

Music is broken into two major cores Instruments and Vocals. Each content develops music theory alongside the necessary skills to perform.

Student instrument choices vary as they develop to options in Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Percussion, Windstar Band, in elementary and  Mariachi, Strings, Woods and Brass, Jazz Band, Rock Band, and Advanced Percussion.

student singing

Vocals (Music)

Music is broken into two major cores Instruments and Vocals. Each content develops music theory alongside the necessary skills to perform.

Students in vocal arts classes sing in a choral setting with opportunities for solo and ensemble work in elementary.  In middle school, they continue developing their skills in treble choir, mixed choir, and our rock band.  A class in musical composition is also offered.

Art Specialties

When students move into 4th and 5th grade, they begin their pathway to more in-depth learning in art courses of their choosing, allowing them to further develop skills of interest to them.

Middle School Electives

In middle school, students are offered four elective choices that continue to develop their interest and skill in the arts. These courses range from survey courses in digital arts and dance classes to more specific courses. A few of our fine arts opportunities for 8th graders also qualify for high school credit.

students performing show

Performance Opportunities

Our school's calendar is full of student performances. Our staff creates a produces

30+ Productions, Showcases, and Gallery Showings per Year!

students performing

Elementary Musical

Grades 3-5 can audition for both speaking and soloist roles. Students learn blocking, chorus singing, choreography, tech, and more. This is the first introduction to big experiences on the stage outside the Caldwell curriculum.

students performing

Middle School Musical

Grades 6-8 can audition for both speaking and soloist roles. The middle school produces a full-length musical, complete with lights, costumes, props, and set, and is performed in Caldwell Auditorium.

Veterans Show

UIL Participation

Art Shows


Dance Showcases

Music Showcases

One Act Plays

Dramatic Performances

At Caldwell, You Don't Sacrifice Athletics

Beginning in 4th grade, your child can choose to participate in our physical education classes or Pre-Athletics until the end of middle school. Beginning in 7th grade, students may choose from our three offered sports.

caldwell arts academy student in cross country

Cross Country


Caldwell students in high school tennis


Parent Teacher Association

We have an involved community supported by an active PTA that strongly supports all we do and works hard to provide needed teacher support, resources, staff recognition, and community involvement. They accomplish these things through classroom grants, fundraising opportunities, teacher treat days, homeroom helpers, and various events that build campus community, such as the spring carnival, Kindergarten popsicles with the principal, and middle school bash.

The PTA is nicknamed The Village because creating the magical learning environment we have envisioned for our Stars takes a village's support, encouragement, and work.

Caldwell Arts Alliance

Caldwell Arts Alliance

We have an advocacy group that ensures that Caldwell will uphold our vision and cultivate our unique student artists.

There is so much more your child can benefit from.

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