Application Process

Applications are accepted between January 1 and March 1.

Kindergarten applications will be accepted in this window as well as during the District Kindergarten Round-Up in April.

Parents Must Complete the Steps Below During This Time


Complete Application to Audition

It's easy! You can complete the application fully online. Contact us via email for questions.


Request a Teacher Recommendation

All applicants must have their teacher complete a Teacher Recommendation form. Teachers can complete this online below.

What happens after I submit my child's application?

Once you submit your child's application to audition, you will be contacted to schedule an audition time and given information about any required paperwork that will be submitted on your audition day. Each audition day has a morning and afternoon session.

The audition dates for acceptance for the 2023-2024 school year are:

January 18

Audition Dance Workshop (1st-8th)

February 17 

(K-8th grade only)

March 2

(K-8th grade only)

What should I expect at auditions?

The audition consists of screeners in six art forms: dance, drama, vocal music, instrumental music, visual, and digital arts.

Students go through the audition in groups of 10, and each piece is guided by our fine arts teachers.

The audition, from start to finish, takes about 2 hours. Students applying for kindergarten also participate in an academic screener that checks fundamental skills, such as letter and number recognition, oral language, and listening comprehension.  

Preparation for Auditions

Dance Audition

All students will learn a dance routine. Routines are set to specific grade levels. There is a workshop offered on January 18th to teach the routines, and all routines are available online the Monday after the workshop to practice. 

Future Elementary Students 1st-5th will use videos below:

Future Middle School Student 6th-8th will use videos below:

Music Audition

Students auditioning for grades 4-8 will be asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner:

Students auditioning for K-3 will sing Happy Birthday:

There is no other preparation required for your child’s audition. The rest of the arts screener activities will be explained and guided on the day of the audition.

We look forward to meeting you!