Welcome to Caldwell

East Texas' Premier K-8 Fine Arts Magnet School.

Choosing Caldwell puts your child on a path to enhancing the rest of their school life through the arts. At our school, your child can explore the creative world and use their learning to connect with working artists, the art community, and innovative art applications.

Our school supports engagement and higher critical thinking skills as students apply their learning to various real-world applications and diverse connections across content that integrate art into the learning.

I am genuinely excited to be the Principal of Caldwell Arts Academy. As your Principal, my vision is to create a unique learning community for students and staff that supports artistic expression, leadership growth, and academic rigor. As an Arts Academy, high standards and expectations are our school's foundation. With great pride, we carry out these standards daily and ask our students to commit to maintaining our rich legacy in the Arts.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything at bobby.markle@tylerisd.org. Remember- "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein


picture of bobby markle, Caldwell principal

Bobby Markle


Our Vision

To be the state's premier Fine Arts Academy that advances a creative and applied approach to teaching and the arts.

Our Mission

Enhancing the Whole Child Through the Arts  

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What to Expect

The goal of art education and our school is always to enhance the whole child through the arts. We do just that with these three things.

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Empowering School Culture

that supports your child academically and emotionally in their unique learning need.

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Flexible and Adaptable Space

for your child to engage and explore relevant curriculum that equally engages them while pushing boundaries.

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Community of Learners

with the same ambition and enthusiasm to positively impact the world.

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Things to Know About Caldwell

Many things about our school are different so let's talk about a few key ones.

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Audition Based Applications

As a magnet school, we require applications and auditions for enrollment.

Our school does not have an attendance zone and any student can apply.

Applications Open

January 1

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Advanced Curriculum

Our school not only offers advanced core content and G/T services, then you how how we use art and technology in innovative ways in the classroom, and it makes Caldwell a no brainer.

Research Based Art Integration Curriculum

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Fine Arts Courses

All students are required to participate in all six of our core art forms that include, vocals, instruments, visual arts, drama, dance, and digital arts in earlier grades to find their preference before specializing.

Explore Our Six Core Art Forms

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Historic Downtown Location

We have a wonderful centralized location in the heart of Downtown Tyler which makes our campus close to most of the greater Tyler area.

Transportation Is Not Provided

A school that is like no other in East Texas.

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We Do School Different

Attending Caldwell is an Experience

You can tell our culture is different when you walk into our school. We have an empowering campus culture that supports the whole child in their unique learning needs.

You will notice immediately how our staff and students are excited to be here and greet you with a smile. Our campus is safe and welcoming, and the halls are filled with positivity. 

House System

This system places every student in elementary into six houses and middle school into three houses. Each house has its own name, color, symbol, and character trait. The best example to compare it to is Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

Caldwell's house system is a student incentive and community-building program. 

House Cup

Our students earn points for individual incentives and house awards. Every nine weeks, we celebrate the winning house and culminate the year by awarding the house cup to the house that wins overall.

Caldwell's house system is a student incentive and community-building program. 

Lyra House Logo

Pegasus house logo

Aquila house logo

Phoenix house logo

Draco house logo

Orion house logo

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Leader in Me

Our leadership at Caldwell Arts Academy is based on the Leader in Me framework: Everyone can be a Leader. This means we believe that everyone has a role on our campus and beyond. Our principal empowers our staff and students to reflect on their paradigms, practices, and achievements. With this, his focus is always on the growth of our staff and students as leaders.

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Passion Based Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is how we address each student's needs academically.

Teachers identify students' passions and use those to stimulate their interest and engagement in the curriculum. We do not expect every student to fit a certain mold. Students are welcomed as they are and are challenged to grow academically, artistically, emotionally, and socially.

For example, if a student is passionate about drawing, they can use that skill in the classroom in many ways, like creative note-taking and artistic presentations.

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Classroom Management

We use a classroom management system called "Acting Right" that supports the social and emotional skills students need to concentrate and collaborate.

Through a daily “contract,” your child will commit to being in control of their voice, body, mind, and focus. This is supported further by the district's Leader in Me program to elevate student development.

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Embrace Diversity

Caldwell offers students of all backgrounds opportunities to engage with the arts.

We celebrate diversity through arts experiences and community events such as Dia De Los Muertos and Black History Month.

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Our Teachers Love What They Do

Teaching at Caldwell is a dream. Being in a place with students smiling and ready to learn, peers who consider everyone family, and a contagious culture is almost unreal. The depth our teachers can go in the classroom and the time they can spend with our students one-on-one are reasons our school has become so academically successful. We are driven by data and celebrate our success.

All teachers have to do is ask for resources or experiences they need for students, and they get the support to create the plan to make it happen.

The students and their families appreciate our teachers and make sure they know it. 

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There are many reasons why you should choose Caldwell Arts Academy.