We are thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative at The Boshears Center, which began in September 2023. In our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional support and resources, we will be introducing a monthly "Transition Topic of The Month" specifically tailored for parents of students with special needs.

These monthly topics will cover a wide range of subjects related to the unique needs and challenges faced by students with special needs, including Medicaid Waiver Program Interest List, services provided under Medicaid waiver programs, information about local day programs and sheltered employment, and guardianship tips. Our aim is to empower parents with knowledge and strategies to connect with services that will support their exceptional children both now and in the future.

Each month, you can anticipate informative articles, practical tips, recommended resources, and activities related to the featured topic. We recognize the crucial role that parents play in the success of their children with special needs, and this initiative is designed to strengthen the partnership between the school and parents.

We are committed to creating a supportive environment where every child can thrive, and these monthly transition topics are a testament to that commitment. Stay tuned for more "Transition Topic of the Month", as we embark on this enriching educational journey together!

October's Transition Topic of The Month

September's Transition Topic of The Month