Welcome to Birdwell

We are a Spanish immersion campus serving grades Pre-K through 8.

Come to Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School and join a school designed to support the journey towards becoming biliterate, bilingual students adept with sociocultural skills to succeed.

Our school is a truly unique experience. The only one of its kind in our community.

When you attend Birdwell, you aren't just enrolling in a school, but you are joining a family. We are a tight-knit community focused on providing your child with the best experience possible. We would love to welcome you to tour the campus and see why we're the perfect fit for your family.


picture of mina naranjo, birdwell principal

Mina Naranjo


Mrs. Naranjo, the principal, with Kinder students in front of the library entrance in traditional Hispanic attire

What to Expect

Many things are different about our school that is important for you to know.

Let's talk about a few key ones.

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As a magnet school, we require applications for enrollment.

Your child must demonstrate having strong oral language skills in their primary language for Pre-K and K admission. For Grades 2 and up, students must have strong oral and literacy skills in English and Spanish.

Applications Open

January 1

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Dual Language Immersion

We follow a Dual Language One Way model whereby students are immersed in Spanish starting in PreK to develop oral language and literacy skills.

Students Learn in Both Languages

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All students must be picked up and dropped off at school. We do not provide bus transportation.

Soccer and tennis players will be bused to the alternative campus for practice and games. You must pick your child up at the end of their activity.

Explore Our After School Activities

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Parent Involvement

You must be committed to attend parent conferences, ensure your child's daily attendance, and create at-home routines that support academic and language development.

You are not required to do activities in the second language with your child. Simply ensure there is a routine at home for your child to practice.

Learning a Second Language is Work

A place where dreams are spoken in two languages.

family walking into open house classroom

Small School Culture

Our school is family oriented. Our staff takes the time to develop supportive relationships with students. When your child is at Birdwell, they're ours too, especially our support staff! Yes, we’re small in size, but that allows us to really get to know your child and their story.

We Take Care of Your Child as an Individual With the Following:

birdwell student in class

Small Class Sizes

Our school has a specialized system that isn't for everyone. Due to the limited available seats, our classes are typically smaller.

This allows your child to not just be another number.

male teacher working with small group

Small Group Instruction

We have Instructional Aides rotating from classroom to classroom to support small group instruction which provides special care to your child's development.

parents walking down hall

Less Than 500 Students On-Campus

Our school population is small, so your child doesn't get lost in the crowd.

As a PreK-8 campus, your child creates meaningful relationships with students and teachers.

female teachers

Diversity Among Teachers and Students

We have teachers from all over the world, including countries like Mexico, Spain, and Columbia, who can bring new perspectives and experiences to your child.

teacher clapping for a student in class

Our Teachers Love What They Do

Teachers have the autonomy to collaborate with each other to design lessons to support primary and secondary language development while delivering successful student outcomes. Work with us to develop lessons where sociocultural skills are integrated to support our students' voice, their metalinguistic awareness, and connection to the world beyond the classroom! We facilitate their growth in skills needed for all industries of the future!

birdwell staff at voting simulation booth holding stickers that say "vote". for more information, contact the front office.

There are many reasons why you should choose Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School.