Keyboarding I

In the beginning semester keyboarding course, the student will master touch operation on a computer keyboard. Correct fingering by touch operation and good techniques will receive primary emphasis; speed and accuracy will be given secondary emphasis. The fourth row numbers and symbols and 10-key pad will also be introduced. The student will use basic word processing functions on a variety of document types.

The key to keyboarding success is to use correct keyboarding technique.  This element of the course will be worth 40% of your grade 1st term and 30% 2nd term.  Correct keyboarding technique includes the following elements:
  • Sit up straight in your chair (hips in the back of the chair)
  • Feet flat on the floor for balance
  • Fingers curved on homerow using correct fingering
  • Wrist lifted slightly off the table (do not rest wrists or arms on table)
  • Sitting a hand-span away from the edge of the table
  • Eyes on copy or screen as you type (Do not look at your hands)
  • Please, no gum!

To earn an "A" on your Speed/Accuracy by the end of the first term you should be typing 35 WPM with 6 or less errors on a 3 minute timing.  At the end of the second term you should be keying 45 WPM on a 3 minutes timing.



Please remember to:
  • Bring pencil/pen, folder for handouts and documents to be stored in and paper for taking notes each day.