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For the latest information and updates on the Coronavirus situation, please check the district web page. Click here.



Take care of yourself, your family, and those around you and continue to adhere to the preventative measures as recommended by public health officials; such as washing your hands, limiting travel and practicing social distancing.





Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) – We care about the social and emotional well-being of our students and families during these unprecedented times. Please know that campus counselors are available to students via phone, email and video chat. To speak with a counselor, students and families can submit a counseling referral form located on their campus counselor’s web page. Additionally, free online SEL resources are available at 


Curbside Meal Pickup – Curbside Meals are available at the following locations Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. NEW!  GOOD NEWS…Students do NOT need to be present to pick up Curbside Meals or East Texas Food Bank Emergency Boxes! 


Boulter Middle School, 2926 Garden Valley Rd.
Caldwell Arts Academy, 331 South College St.
Dixie Elementary School, 213 Patton Lane — NEW!!!
Griffin Elementary School, 2650 N. Broadway Ave.
Hubbard Middle School, 1300 Hubbard Dr.
Moore MST Magnet School, 2101 Devine St.
Peete Elementary School, 1511 Bellwood Rd.
Three Lakes Middle School, 2445 Three Lakes Pkwy.
T.J. Austin Elementary School, 1105 West Franklin St.


East Texas Food Bank Emergency Food Box Schedule (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Monday, April 6: T.J. Austin Elementary School
Tuesday, April 7: Griffin Elementary School and Caldwell Arts Academy
Wednesday, April 8: Hubbard Middle School and Moore MST Middle School
Thursday, April 9: Boulter Middle School
Friday, April 10: Peete Elementary School and Three Lakes Middle School 

For the latest Tyler ISD updates, information and resources visit






Tyler ISD Distance Learning Plan pdf

Tyler ISD Distance Learning Plan- Spanish pdf

Who to Contact for Help for Parents pdf

How to Access Zoom Meetings pdf

How to Acces Zoom - Spanish document

Tyler ISD Clever Parent Resource English pdf

Tyler ISD Clever Parent Resource Spanish pdf

Google Classroom for Parents video tutorial

Tyler ISD Parent Guide to Accessing Student’s Google Classroom pdf

Tyler ISD - Guide for Google Classroom - Spanish pdf

A Parent’s Guide to Digital Safety pdf

A Parent’s Guide to Digital Safety - Spanish pdf

Resources for Students with Disabilities 



TJC dual credit students


Dear High School Partners:


On behalf of TJC I would like to share our current plan for all TJC classes which includes dual credit and early college classes.  We understand that the longer students are away from classes, the more challenging the rest of the semester will be.  We also recognize that students may be limited due to poor internet and/or access to textbooks.  Please know that we have asked faculty to remain as flexible as possible.

TJC cares deeply for our TJC student community. We have nearly 12,000 currently enrolled students for spring depending on us. To slow the spread of the virus, we have made the decision that students enrolled in face-to-face classes will return on March 30th.

Through this time, the following plan is in place:  a) limited online instruction (2nd 8-week term and HTMS) will continue this week, and b) all existing online instruction will restart on March 23rd. We also encourage online portions of hybrid classes to continue with this schedule as well wherever pedagogically possible.

We realize that dual credit students taking face-to-face courses at the high school must follow the decisions of the ISD.  If the school district decides to extend the break longer than March 30, we will work with teachers to develop alternate plans.  Please share this information with your faculty and students.

With such a symbiotic relationship, it is essential that we communicate plans with each other.  I will keep the department chairs and faculty up to date on your ISD decisions, and I will provide you with as much information as I can regarding classes.  The situation will, of course, remain fluid as we continue to monitor and respond to local, state and national authorities.

Thank you again for your partnership and please let us know how we can assist you and your students.


Jeanie Oxler
Interim Director of School District Partnerships


Student Transfers 2020-2021 School Year


  • Procedure for Initiating a Transfer Request
    • Transfer requests will be accepted on Feb 3rd until March 9th                
    • All high school and PEG transfer requests need to be submitted to the Office of Constituent  Services located at 807 W. Glenwood Blvd. Tyler, TX 75701
    • Transfer request forms must state specific reason(s) for the transfer in order to be considered.
    • Once completed, the transfer request form must be signed and returned to the designated location.
    • A copy of the student’s attendance record, discipline record and latest report card should be included along with a photo ID from the parent/guardian & a current utility bill (gas, water, electric or lease agreement) with the completed transfer request.
    • Attendance and Grades can be obtained online via Parent Self-Serve PSS Portal; Discipline records can be obtained from the home campus.
    • Incomplete transfer requests will not be considered.
    • Approved transfer recipients must sign and return the approval letter in order to complete the registration process at the requested school.
    • Registration process must be completed prior to the first day of school in order to guarantee placement.
    • Transfer students are not eligible for district transportation to or from school.

Student Transfer Request Form








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